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10 Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Employees


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world so badly! From the workplaces to the educational institutes, things have taken a 180 degrees turn. Now, the workplaces have shifted employees to the homes and are getting operated remotely. 

With the rapid increase in the COVID-19 cases, companies have swiftly winded up their workload from the workstations and got shifted to their homes. Since then, things are being operated remotely, and to be honest, life is pretty easy for the corporate workers now!

Working virtually could be a bit struggling for so many people but this has become a new normal now! More than 65% of the corporate working force believed that working from home and managing things virtually is far easier, less expensive, and time-saving in terms of commute and time. 

Are you also working from home?

Do you feel bore a couple of times while working?

Thinking that remote work has taken the work-life charm?

Well, yes! This is the voice of every employee who has been working from home since January 2020. Obviously,, who isn’t missing the cup of coffee at the office and the gossip session with co-workers at lunch? Professional and office work-life have their own charm that feels like it’s fading away when you’re stuck at home. 


Workplaces are getting digitalized rapidly and we are looking forward to seeing more innovative growth in the business grounds. The experts from the online cv writing service in London believe that this work from home is here to stay a lot longer than we could have ever imagined. 

The concept of remote working has also come into the limelight and employees are appreciating this move of their company. This shows that work from home is not a norm anymore and this would be keeping people addicted to themselves. 

This is a bet, no one would like to leave the comfort of his own house ever and would love to earn money while staying at their home! 

Experts believe that even when the pandemic would end, workplaces may not like to resume back and would keep working right from home. Employees are also enjoying the perks of being at home, attending meetings right from their sofas, having breaks whenever they want, and working in pure pajama comfort. 


That’s all good to know, we are working from home, earning money while being associated with the known company, and enjoying the professional life. But what hits hard here is the ultimate team building and the feeling of being well-appreciated. 

Sounds relatable?

Team building is important for today’s companies as this helps in engaging the employees with each other. Also, the bond of the team deepens which is highly essential for the growth of the organization. 

Not a worry anymore! Now the organizations are working towards team-building with their remote employees that are scattered all around the globe. If you are looking for some quick activities then you should try these 10 best virtual team building activities to enjoy some real-time virtual happy hour on ZOOM. 


While playing the team-building activity, first comes the QuizBreaker of a kind. This is basically a quiz test that can run among the employees and they must answer it all together. This game must be planned beforehand with some tricky questions for your teammates. 

WorkStyle personality test:

The experts from cover letter writing service UK believe that the WorkStyle personality test could be the best team building activity. Each person would have to give a profile test and should portray their skills that how they work among their teammates.  

Virtual city tour:

If one of the employees is out of the city then he can arrange a virtual city tour for all other people. In this way, other team members would be able to enjoy some new place. Also, this would give everyone a fresh state of mind that would accelerate their work performance. 

Virtual scavenger hunt:

Arrange the scavenger hunt and place a list of items that everyone would have to collect at his home. The one who would be coming back first with all the written items would be the winner and should be treated with some surprise lunch via delivery. 

Online team games:

Teams can also get divided for the online games. There are so many games available on the internet that are played by teams and you can have a competition with the other team. The one who would finish the game first would be the winner. 


All teams and employees can take part in the activity of BookClub. You would have to get in communication with each other and would have to share your personal choices about the books. This would promote communication and engagement among teams. 

Virtual Bingo:

Who hasn’t played bingo? Everyone for sue has played this game a lot of times! This time, you have to play this with your colleagues. This activity would have to get planned beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. 

Photo Challenge:

One of the simplest and easiest team-building games! All you have to do is to arrange some challenges for each week with some titles for the photos. The best photo would be considered as the winner. 

Truth or dare style games:

Truth or dare could also be played among the employees. Teams can ask an individual to bring something on the webcam. Tricky questions can also be asked and other challenges can also be introduced. 


The finest game form in team-building activities is Pictionary! All you would have to do is to divide into teams. The opposite team would give your member something to draw and if you catch it, you are the winner! 


Found these games interesting? Are you going to implement these team-building activities in your team? You are surely going to enjoy these wonderful and easy team activities and games with your coworkers and would have a fun virtual hour at your home with office vibes! 



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