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These 3 AI-Powered Mobile App Development Services Are Extraordinary


Let’s travel back in time when there was no technology invented to keep people connected; in fact, people had to travel far places to meet their dear ones. There were no system or mobile app development services to capture memories; it was all kept in the head, unable to look at and express feelings.

There was a great need for human contact as no one wanted to travel in scorching heat or cold nights to talk to their family or friends. This asked for an invention, an invention that connected lives through a call-the invention of telephones. But, despite doing so well and connecting people from far distances, it cannot be portable, asking for another great invention of mobile phones.

Mobile phones were invented to connect people and be portable at the same time. They also completed the need for pictures with further upgrades, and since then, they have been improving their software for updated features, styles, and hardware, creating immersive customer experiences. The latest mobile phone upgrade is its AI and AR software that provides next-generation solutions to the industry. AI always goes hand in hand with machine learning.

AI apps leverage your mobile phones and other devices with speech, gesture, and image recognition while translating your voices perfectly. Apps development has taken a massive turn with AI making it crucial for you to keep up with the marketplace and enhance your customer’s experiences. In this article, we will be discussing the types of AI tools used for mobile app development services to cater to the needs of the majority, especially businesses.

Why Use AI Mobile App Development Software?

The answer lies in your question. Use it because you can make immersive experiences and environments with artificial intelligence, which helps keep you ahead of time and development from your competitors. The five main reasons why you should develop or use AI software development services are:

  • Smart decision-making process
  • Automation
  • Personalization
  • Predictive capability
  • Creates conversational interfaces

The 3 AI Mobile App Development Services Software or Tools

  1. OpenCV

Open Source Computer Vision Library in real-time computer vision and machine learning collection of programming languages. It uses Python, C++, and Java interfaces supporting Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux, and iOS. Not only this, the tool supports various deep learning frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow. The OpenCV is the ultimate AI software development services tool that takes advantage of multi-core processing with its natively written C/C++ library. The library has 2500+ optimized classic and state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms.

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The benefit doesn’t end here; the functionalities outdo everything else. The algorithms are capable enough to identify your faces and objects. They further can classify your actions in videos and can extract 2D models. OpenCV can track camera movement and moving things to extract 3D models of objects and produce point clouds from a stereo camera. It stitches images to create a high-resolution image of the complete scene together. Moreover, you can now find similar images from your image data database on the phone.

  • Caffe2

Moving ahead, if you are looking for a deep learning framework that is scalable, lightweight, and modular at the same time, then it has to be Caffe2. We all know about Caffe, and Caffe2 is an upgraded version of the previous one built for production use cases and mobile development. The cross-platform software allows you to build high-performance apps while integrating Android Studio, Visual Studio, and Xcode for mobile app development services.

The new versions offer new models and algorithms. It is the best option for speed and portability with C++ libraries. Above all, its APIs allow you to train, prototype and deploy robust models. Caffe2 uses the NVIDIA GPU platform to deliver high performance with few deep learning SDK libraries.

What are the functions of Caffe2? The main question remains the same about its functionalities and how it leverages your mobile apps. Caffe2 enables automation, image processing and supports distributed training with fast scaling up or down features. Furthermore, it detects objects and runs statistical plus mathematical operations to deliver AI services on your mobile devices. It improves the quality and efficiency of your translation systems.

  • TensorFlow

Mobile app development isn’t as easy as it seems. Furthermore, there are many open-source software libraries you can choose from; TensorFlow provides a flexible structure, making it easy for developers to deploy the model on various platforms. Desktops, mobiles, and edge devices are examples of platforms. It allows you to choose from TensorFlow Mobile or TensorFlow Lite to deploy ML models on your mobile phones. When selecting, it becomes essential to know about these two. TensorFlow Lite is the updated version of TensorFlow Mobile that offers improved performance and a smaller app size.

The AI software development services, allow you to quickly develop it on simpler and more constrained devices as it has few dependencies, unlike the previous version. The new and better version supports hardware acceleration with Android Neural Networks APIs.

If you ask for our recommendation, we will suggest TensorFlow Mobile. It allows customization of adding new operators and fulfills the requirements of most AI apps models. Above all, TensorFlow is still in the developing phase and will take time to enhance your experience by simplifying building models for small devices.

The multiple features of TensorFlow encourage developers to choose it more often as it leverages speech recognition, object localization, gesture recognition, image recognition, text classification, optical character recognition, translation, and voice synthesis. Google, for example, uses TensorFlow for Google Translate, RankBrain, etc., targeting advanced Ml models.


In conclusion, mobile app development services are a lengthy procedure. From choosing the software, features, applications to its hardware, everything requires deep analysis. The advancement in mobile development enables AI apps to target and address issues not sorted with traditional mobile app development methods. It is always advisable to change or upgrade your working methods to lead the market or join the team with others. We understand development is a complex process, be it in any field, so we always advise you to hire a software development agency to do it for you.



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