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5 Examples of Bad Website Design and How to Do It Better

Many of us rely on websites every day. It’s a part of our everyday life and something that we expect from the quality of the website we are looking at. Sometimes websites still look very stylish and polished, while other websites are nothing close to this. Many of us would probably give the best websites a thumbs up if they were ready to publish new and exciting information. So why then do we always find ourselves commenting on bad websites and reading up on them just to find that their design does not do justice to what the website would be trying to tell us? A website is only as good as the site it is serving the user, and you would expect them to come from a credible website designer. Here are a few examples of website design that have been negatively received by millions.

Financial website Value simple

As per Visionary web designs expert is that a value simple is considered a financial website, and many of the elements of their website are a great improvement compared to other websites that have been criticized for having sketchy designs. This website does not have the layouts of many of the other websites out there and only showcases some of the amazing features of their website for the first time. This is what a good website will do: showcase their products and new features in a unique and refreshing way to the user. What these websites lack, though, is a layout that presents the visitors in an interesting and interesting way. When looking at websites, you usually start out at the homepage which is the main page of the website, but this is where you will need to focus your gaze at the website. Looking at a site with a poor layout will be in your way, and it might come back in your way in the future. These websites simply display outdated and outdated designs without any kind of exciting or new features to look at or even a good or nice feel on the website.

Not Code Similar to Wikipedia

Wikipedia has gained a reputation as being one of the finest websites in the world. Their community of writers and volunteers have worked to create a website that any young child would love to use. There is not a single out of their 1.2 million articles that you would expect to come up as wrong. This is why they have the reputation of being so highly praised and so well-known across the internet. For all of those who are in this category, if you aren’t a fan of what they do, go fix your own web layout. This type of website will probably look different than the style of the best websites you would ever want to visit. This is why you always have to go back to the website if you see that it is not exactly the type of website you would be searching for. is a Canadian-based online store. One would assume that the website itself is beautiful and functional, since it showcases all of the new and old stock from the store at many different categories for the user to check out. There is nothing that is wrong with the website’s design and the type of color scheme that it has displayed. However, what I have noticed is that the menu bar on this website is very low and is also missing a few of its standard, navigational functions. This may also be the reason that the site looks and appears to be dated and to have a small font size. Most of all though, when looking at the website, you will notice a very low quality and old background color. This can be interpreted as your browser is not seeing it properly, and it can be seen while someone is actually reading the website. This can turn into multiple looks of scrolling through the website and checking out different sections of the website. This would be avoided if the search option was replaced with a link and a slogan that was enticing to the user and even better, if the website was redesigned to actually maintain the type and strength of the website.

You probably saw the advertisement on the Internet and would have thought that the website was done in a nice, aesthetically pleasing way and even detailed. However, what you would not expect is how poor the website design is. This website could easily ruin your website. It is all shabby and plain, especially the header that is seen when logging in. It lacks the two main and essential aspects of a good website: design and usability. The design is very low quality, and the usability is low, but the website as a whole is providing too many generic and random websites which would be invisible to the user. Overall, the website is tardy and would be very hard to use without any of the user friendly visual elements at all.



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