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5 Upcoming Electric bike companies in Pakistan

Electric bikes are easy to operate and use; moreover, it also allows riders to reach the destination without being all hefty and sweaty. These bikes have no clutch and no hassle of shifting gear as they have single gears. The electric bike is a technology that has been advancing the market and giving good competition to other kinds of bikes. There are many electric bike companies that have been introduced in the market. In Pakistan, the concept is still new therefore many companies are planning to introduce their electric bike in Pakistan

Upcoming Electric bike companies in Pakistan

If you google you can see many Tech blogs in Pakistan have written about electric bikes and you can also see many new channels talking about the introduction of electric bikes in Pakistan. However, with already introduced companies there are many upcoming companies that might take over the electric bike industry of Pakistan. Some of the upcoming companies of electric bikes in Pakistan are:

  • Jolta electric bikes in Pakistan
  • Sunra electric bikes
  • Neon e-Bikes
  • AUJ technologies
  • Superstar electric bikes

Jolta Electric Bikes In Pakistan

The first electric bike of Pakistan Jolta Electric Bikes is made specially to tailor the issues of Pakistani citizens. Moreover, these bikes are highly cost-effective. Since the name electric bike gives an assumption that these bikes must be very expensive and only upper-middle-class people could afford them. But such assumptions are wrong and you can easily afford the electric bikes of Jolta since they are at a very reasonable price in the market. 

Moreover, these bikes do not have mechanical engines which means they are noise-free, smoke-free, and pollution-free. The qualities of Jolta bikes could contribute greatly to make the environment of Pakistan safe and healthy. Also, these bikes are also fuel-free which means the rising cost of petrol will not increase your blood pressure anymore.

The price range of the Jolta electric bike in Pakistan is 82500 PKR.

Sunra Electric Bikes

The Sunra electric bikes are chargeable and after charging they can work for many kilometers. Moreover, these bikes do not require any maintenance nor do you have to worry about gear or clutches. These bikes come with a 6-months warranty on their battery. If you are one of those people who often forget their keys of bike, home, and car then Sunra bikes are the right choice for you. Sunra bikes do not require keys to start because they have a keyless starting system.

Additionally, they are equipped with an anti-theft system to save it from thieves and con men. All in all, cost-friendly bikes that are easy to operate and save your money on fuels if you use traditional bikes then substituting your traditional bike with an electric bike would be a life-changing choice for you.

The price range of Sonra Electric Bike in Pakistan is 139,888 PKR.

Neon e-Bikes

The company has been manufacturing electric vehicles for a decade now. The company is situated in 3 provinces of China and it is a very well established and equipped company. However, Neon has stepped into the Pakistani market to rule the regional market of Pakistan.

Thus, It could be a great choice when you consider both durability and economy while purchasing a bike for yourself or a family member. Neon has electric motorcycles, bicycles, and Tricycles for the convenience of its buyers and users.  Also, the company has certificates and rewards for the quality of the product they are providing.

The price of Neon e-bikes in Pakistan is 110,000 PKR.

AUJ Technologies

It is a Lahore-based motorcycle company and they are planning to make electric bikes that will be budget friendly. According to the CEO, the name of the electric bike would be Jaguar. AUJ Technologies are the first ones to assemble electric bikes locally. These bikes will be like those local bikes but instead of having a mechanical engine, they will have an electric engine to make the bike work without fuel. 

Additionally, the engine is very similar to those Japanese technologies so that the quality of the engine will not be compromised. The range of a jaguar electric bike would be up to 70 Km. It can easily be charged in 5 hours whether you are at home or office.

The price of Jaguar electric in Pakistan would be 88,000 PKR.

Super Star Electric Bike

Another company to introduce electric bikes in Pakistan is Super Star Electric Bike.  As per the news, the electric bike will be started in Karachi, and then it will spread to other parts of the country.  The design will be like a normal 70cc bike. 

Furthermore, it will be equipped with an electric motor instead of a mechanical engine. The bike will have a 20Kw Lithium-ion battery.  The bike needs approximately 5 hours to get charged completely.  On a single charge, the bike can go up to 70 to 80 km. Moreover, the bike will have both disk and drum brakes. Moreover, a digital speedometer to show the battery life

However, the price of the bike has not been disclosed yet.

Electric bike

E-bike Services

Moreover, with budget-friendly e-bikes, we can see e-bikes services like the service of careem and uber. Since urban transport is causing air and noise pollution in Pakistan; therefore, EZ Bikes introduced eco-friendly bikes in Pakistan in order to reduce air and noise pollution. Moreover, these bikes improve traffic congestion and accessibility issues.

 Also, with the petrol price keeps surging we all need a commute that does not take all our salaries on transport, these bikes are the best solution for this problem. All you have to do is download the app and get the benefit of service accordingly. Also, the service of an e-bike is much more affordable than those of local transport services. If these e-bikes and e-bike services become common in Pakistan it will save a lot of transportation costs for local Pakistani citizens.

Also, if you want to get more information about electric bikes you can see different tech blogs in Pakistan that have written extensive details about them. Moreover, you should do detailed research before buying an electric bike to know all of its pros and cons.

 Let’s Ride An E-Bike

Electric bikes will be very beneficial for Pakistan and it is a futuristic approach towards a developed Pakistan. Let us know in the comments below about your experience if you have used an electric bike. 



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