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7 Incredible Small Space Cupboard Design Ideas


Have you been finding it hard to find enough space in your room? Do you get bored of rearranging your belongings in the area to make more walking space? We know how you’re going through. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best small space cupboard design ideas for your home since, let’s get it, modern challenges need modern solutions. Modern homes may be attractively designed, but they generally lack adequate space. The narrowness of your bedroom is inevitable; but, with the proper furniture choices, you may make things fit for you.

Suntech has found the most trying to cut solutions to your small space problem. These are some of our small space cupboard ideas that can help you make some room in your little hideaway for joy.

1. Modular TV Unit and Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobe

Bedrooms are usually equipped with a television. As a result, investing in a multifunctional cupboard is the best option to save space in your room. The extra loft storage units in the floor-to-ceiling cupboard take the advantage of the room’s vertical length. Separate wardrobe sections with a TV unit in the center are included. The TV unit also has cupboards, which provide additional storage in the room. This style of wardrobe will save you a lot of room by allowing you to have multipurpose space as well as a TV section. The entire unit will keep your home tidy and arranged.

2. By the door, a Theme-Inspired Space-Saving Wardrobe

Most rooms take up too much space around the doorway, which can be smartly utilized. This football-themed wardrobe hides the entrance wall, making it a perfect small space cupboard design ideas. The loft storage adds more storage units to the floor-to-ceiling closet. The light-colored lacquered finish of the wardrobe also gives the room a light, airy feel, making it appear larger. So, if you have any extra space near your room’s door, put it to good use as a wardrobe.

3. Simple two-door space-saving wardrobe.

Wardrobes wouldn’t have to be big to be effective. They also comes up with a  simple and modest design that takes up very little room than traditional cupboards. So, if you’re a single person in a home or just need a cupboard for your belongings, this simple and primitive, antiquated wardrobe is a good choice. It will take up the least amount of space while simultaneously contributing to the area’s benefits.

4. Wardrobe With Dressing Unit A Headboard

We all adore beds with beautiful headboards. On the other side, these headboard beds take up a lot of room in the room. So we found a solution by embracing our passion for dynamic headboards and designing this bed with a sliding door closet headboard. The lower section of the closet serves as a headboard for the bed, while the upper part contains a modern sliding wardrobe. When compared to wardrobes with hinged doors, sliding doors save space. On the headboard side of the wardrobes, there is also a connected dressing unit, which saves space.

5. Sliding Door Wardrobe With Attached Shelf And Study Table

This small space cupboard design will provide you with not only additional space in your bedroom but also a multifunctional wardrobe. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe offers loft storage, which takes advantage of the room’s vertical height, as well as an open shelf and a study/work desk unit. If you’re a bookworm, the open shelf can also be used as a bookshelf. The study unit that is attached helps to save space in the room. As a result, the overall wardrobe unit serves three purposes without reducing your room’s free space.

6. Wardrobes with mirrors 

If you have a small bedroom, use mirrors or other reflecting objects to create the illusion of a bigger space this is one of the best small space cupboard design ideas. This rustic floor-to-ceiling closet with two large mirrors was added by our small space cupboard design concept. This wardrobe with integrated mirrors eliminates the need for a separate dressing unit while also giving the impression of more space in the room. So go ahead and hang a few mirrors on your closet doors. However, be sure to choose large mirrors because a small mirror would make your room appear to be a confined tomb. As a result, the size and form of the mirror are significant factors.

7. Multifunctional wardrobe with a Murphy bed

In a small bedroom, multipurpose wardrobes are the greatest small space cupboard design ideas. And this one in especially is a lifesaver. The totally covered glass front of the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe offers the right extra space illusion in the room. Aside from the mirror, the wardrobe has a pull-down Murphy bed section under its loft storage cabinets, which may be particularly useful in small spaces. When not in use, the bed can be pulled up to create more space in the room. The space-saving wardrobe design makes use of the bed sidewall to offer the ideal designer bedroom solution for keeping the area light and airy.

TIP: Use light-colored wardrobes to give your room a more spacious appearance, while dark colours might make it appear claustrophobic.


Small Space cupboard design ideas might be a great way to reorganize the structure of your small rooms. Furthermore, they are functional and can help in the clutter-free appearance of homes. So, choose your wardrobe designs wisely, and if you need any help, we’re always here to help!



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