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7 Packaging Mistakes May Prove Disastrous for Your Food Products

Everyone considers the packaging as a “hidden salesman”. But, not everyone understands that an inactive, inefficient, injured, and unskilled salesman is not only defaming the brand but also eating a part of your daily, monthly, or yearly budget. So, you need to understand this fact as soon as possible to avoid any bad experience with your branded products!

Though macarons and cereal are both food products, but they belong to two main different categories of food. The purpose of this piece of writing is to help you be aware of general but serious packaging mistakes. Most of our food products fall under these two categories, grains, and bakery.

The customized facility for custom macaron boxes or custom cereal boxes plays an important role in our packaging. On the one hand, we get the opportunity of a free hand in manufacturing the kind of boxes we want. On the other hand, as we all know “to err is human”, so we make some serious mistakes during this process.

Therefore, you need to be fully aware of the common mistakes while designing any kind of box by keeping the macaron or cereal packaging boxes in mind.

Primary Mistakes are not Mistakes but Blunders

Yes, you read right. I have classified the serious mistakes into two parts. Primary mistakes are not mistakes but blunders because these blunders are not affordable to your customers or your business.

  • Wrong Selection of Material May Spoil the Food

Selection of material or paper is the first step once you are ready with your final design. If you choose the wrong kind of paper, you move your food product towards a spoilage. What do I mean by the wrong kind of paper material? It simply means a packaging paper or box that does not suit the nature of a food product.

  • Incorrect Size and Structure are Big Problems

Placing your food product in a box carries some solid reasons. One of the main reasons behind using a fit box is to keep the food safe and sound within the box. However, too loose or too tight boxes may cost you more and affect your food product’s safety.

Food products need to be stored, transported, or even shipped to distant places. Therefore, measuring the exact dimension, shape, and structure of your food products is a wise step, before you order your macaron boxes bulk.

  • Inaccurate Labeling of Packaging Boxes is Blunder

Wrong or incorrect labeling is another blunder many companies make. Obviously, no company wants to face disastrous results, so no one deliberately creates inaccurate or incorrect labeling. This mistake occurs in the following three ways.

First, using illegible labels having less or incorrect information. Second, using irrelative labels for various similar food products. Third, using unclear labeling, having no clear message. You need to be careful about these mistakes when you label your boxes.

Secondary Mistakes are Disastrous for Your Brand

I have called these mistakes secondary mistakes because they have no direct impact on your food products. Yet, these mistakes may prove disastrous for your company or brand. Therefore, it is equally important to notice these mistakes carefully and leave no room for anyone to raise their finger against your brand.

  • Disorganized or Annoying Aesthetic Design

Ideal packaging is not possible simply by having a key eye on the structural design of your boxes. You need to be more careful about the aesthetic design of your cereal or macaron packaging boxes. This is the aesthetic design of the boxes that makes packaging a hidden salesman. So, having a poor salesman doesn’t make any sense in spite of spending a part of your budget on the packaging.

The aesthetic design includes the choice of graphics, color, logo, and typography. Making a mistake in one of these elements damages the whole image of your box. So, be careful in each aspect and avoid any kind of mistake.

  • Lack of User-Friendliness

The more easiness you provide to your customers, the more appreciation you receive from consumers. Take the example of takeout boxes that are trending worldwide. These custom cereal boxes are trending simply because they have added convenience to the life of people. Similarly, if your packaging adds easiness to the usage of food products people will love to hold it, open it and take it. On the other hand, if they are annoying, difficult to hold, or open then people may find an alternative to your food brand with better packaging.

  • Poor Copy Poor Brand

Last but not least, the copy is a factor that most new business owners don’t truly understand. It is the difference of “copy” that decides the future of a brand. For example, it was the successful copywriting of Coca-cola, Nike, McDonald’s, I-Fone, etc, etc that helped them compete with their hundred and thousands of competitors in the market.

In simple words, every single word or line you choose to print on your packaging carries a long-lasting compound impact on your brand. Therefore, ensure contracting with intelligent and hardworking copywriters who are fully aware of the significance of “copy”.


Whether it is a primary blunder or a secondary mistake, you need to avoid them at every cost. Otherwise, all your cost spent on your packaging makes no sense. Avoid these serious mistakes and make your packaging a proactive “hidden salesman” for your brand.

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