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8 Common mistakes people should avoid while buying i7 Laptop

An i7 laptop can be your best friend when it comes to smooth performance and seamless service. However, there are some mistakes that people make while buying these laptops. Because the i7 laptop price is a little high, you need to be careful while purchasing. Pay attention to some common mistakes which might ruin your users’ experience completely. Even the best laptop under 40000 comes with some setbacks to avoid. 

Design & Functionality 

Usually, i7 laptops come with sleek designs. The attractive-looking laptops grab attention easily. The best laptop under 40000 comes with an eye-catching shade and high-class appearance. For this reason, frequently, people end up choosing design over functionality. 

Screen Size & Durability

Mobile users tend to lean towards large screen sizes. They compromise with the other features if they get a large mobile display. It is the same with laptop users as well. While it is true that a large screen enables you to watch videos and movies with ease, you should not compromise durability. Because i7 laptops come with a lot of features, you need to focus on durability as well.

Glossy Display

Because an i7 laptop price is high, you get a lot of high-class features, including a glossy screen. However, it does not mean you should opt for one. A glossy screen can be a real problem when you are sitting with a window behind you. The daylight will reflect on the glass and weaken your sight. Therefore, don’t mistake purchasing a laptop with a glossy screen just because it looks polished. 

Low Price

An i7 laptop price is indeed high. For this reason, you may want to go for low price laptops. You can purchase a laptop for Rs 30,000. However, the machine might not be able to accommodate an i7 processor. If you want to purchase an i7 laptop, you should be willing to pay a high price for it. A low price laptop with an i7 processor will not offer you the desired result. 


The keyboard is the most ignored feature of any laptop. No one pays attention to the humble board. Yet, without a keyboard, your laptop will become cripple. For this reason, if you are looking for a sturdy laptop with an i7 processor, you should pay attention to the keyboard. If your job demands long typing hours, you should look for a keyboard that works with ease. Easy typing makes work faster. In case you end up buying a laptop with a stiff keyboard, you will face problems in working later on. Therefore, even if you purchase an i7 laptop, you should look for a flexible keyboard and typing ease.  

Buying Base Models

If you are buying an i7 laptop, you need to think about the future. There is nothing called a laptop for today. This is not a mobile phone which you change each year. An i7 laptop costs more than Rs 35,000. Therefore, the laptop should offer lasting service. If you opt for a base model, you may end up with many limitations. To avoid this problem, be sure to purchase an upgraded model. 

Not Focusing On Other Features

Usually, at the time of buying an i7 laptop, users don’t focus on other features. They purchase based on the i7 functionality only. It can be a great mistake as you must look at the features you will need later on. RAM Storage, display resolution, and battery backup are the other features to check while purchasing a laptop.

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