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A Reliable Tyre For Your Car: A Selective Guide


It is known to everyone that a tyre is a crucial part of a vehicle, which maintains the contact between the vehicle and the ground. Despite different conditions of terrain and weather, it maintains the balance of the vehicle and makes it grounded. Thus, you must choose the Reliable tyre set for your car to achieve optimum performance and longevity.

Minimised Chances of accidents, enhanced braking, good acceleration, more handling capacity along more comfort are offered by the right car tyres Bolton. After you drive an average of 50,000 miles, your tyres require replacement periodically.

Picking The Reliable Tyre

Features focusing on dynamics and the pleasure of driving with enhanced handling are offered in high-performance tyres. These tyres are sporty and filled with basic safety designs like wet braking. Other tyre categories are less sporty and meant for daily use. Enhanced comfort, less emission of noise, less fuel consumption, are offered by these tyres with the small size of the wheel.

Purchasing the OEM tyres from authorized stores of tyres or dealers is often preferred by the car owners. It has been found in researches that the appearance of the tyre means a lot to the customers while buying a tyre. However, a damage resistant, safe, quiet, smooth and Reliable tyre is all you want to pick for your car. These tyres offer durability and improve the efficiency of fuel.

Selecting A Tyre

Selecting A Tyre
Selecting A Tyre

The following main parts depict the tyre size: the rim size, the diameter of the outer tyre, the tyre tread width, the diameter of the wheel, the tyre sidewalls. It will negatively impact the ride quality if the rim is larger as compared to the tyre. A tread having wider width looks stylish but you must go for a normal tyre width to have more fuel mileage.

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In different weather conditions, your driving experience will be decided by the tread pattern of your tyres whether it is asymmetrical, conventional or unidirectional. The tyres with symmetrical or Conventional tread patterns perform best in waterlogged areas and move in both directions.

If you want the tyres to be rotated in one direction, you must go for the unidirectional tread. The car is enabled for high-speed cornering by the Asymmetrical tread. In terms of performance, a simple and reliable tyre offering low road-noise, a strong grip on the ground and having a unidirectional tread is best suited for a high-speed drive on the highways.

As compared to the tube-type tyres, Tubeless tyres are much more advanced as they best suit both alloy and steel wheels efficiently. The tyres tread wear, road grip, traction and speed characteristics are determined by the rubber material present in the tyre.

The extent of tread, speed, grip, and traction offered by the tyre is determined by the hardness and softness of the rubber compound used in the tyre. Tyres with Hard compounds as compared to the soft compound ones are durable.

Tyre Brands For A Car

Various mainstream and premium manufacturers like MRF, Michelin and Bridgestone are present now. Other brands available in the market are Dunlop, tyres, Goodyear, CEAT, Apollo, Yokohama, Pirelli etc. While some of them are costly, others fit well into your pocket. To match your specific requirements, many tyre brands are available.



Bridgestone is a Tokyo-based company, which is named after Shojiro Ishibashi (the founder). Its competition is with Michelin to be the top in the rank of best manufacturers of tyres on this globe. Bridgestone Tyres Bolton for various automobile types is manufactured by the company.

They are well known for their forestry and agriculture tyres along with winter tyres for icy and snow areas. Their winter tyres have retractable studs.


Michelin is one of the best manufacturers of reliable tyres. It is based in France and is a major sector of tyre manufacturing. For aircraft, motorcycles, cars, SUVs, scooters, buses, trucks, space shuttles, bicycles, etc., it manufactures tyres. They are well-known for designing reliable tyres of high-performance with good handling and grip.



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