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Avoid Parking Accidents: Using 3 Simple Ways

Avoid Parking Accidents: In 2021, the world population is now pushing 7.9 billion people worldwide, and its growth factor is increasing each day. Indeed, our society is pushing the boundaries of what it means to live within the comforts of personal space. As a result, many new owners of transportation vehicles see registration each day. More importantly, car stall grows more scarce with each additional new car in the registry.

The lack of parking space is one of the many reasons why accidents happen. Sometimes, this fact is overlooked by establishments. Surprisingly, one of every five accidents in the United States occurs in a car stall. For that reason alone, in this article, you will discover the most effective ways of avoiding common accidents in the parking lot.

Familiarize Your Parking Space

Most often, people tend to forget about their vehicle once they’ve set foot outside and go on with their day. Additionally, people coming from a hard day’s work can’t take the blame for being unaware of their car’s surroundings. Therefore, looking around and checking for anything worthy of memory should help lessen potential risks.

It wouldn’t do you any harm upon coming back to spare a few minutes of your time to look around if anything changed since you left. More importantly, developing a keen eye for changes in detail should help you solve problems more manageable. Of course, this includes taking note of the vehicles around your car.

Avoid Broken Fixtures

One of the most common ways of damaging your vehicle is by placing too much confidence in a car stall with several fixtures. Moreover, while these can help you most of the time, there are occasions where they provide more headaches than relief. Something as simple as a car park blocker can hold a nail and puncture your tire in no time. 

Ticket vending machines are also something to look out for, as they can sometimes scratch your car if you’re not careful. As much as possible, the best solution would be to choose a corner spot with little to no parking fixtures. In this way, you can find peace knowing that you have nothing to worry about when you come back.

Security Cameras

Sometimes, having a security camera near your vehicle can help with protecting your car from accidents. Of course, CCTV’s can’t actively deter any accidents, but they make the process of handling them more manageable. If you have the footage to prove your claim, the police will trust your statements.

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Having your own dashboard or 360-view camera can also immensely speed up the process of making insurance claims when accidents happen. Most insurance companies won’t ask questions if you have the video footage to prove it. Moreover, having the leverage against a lying suspect will save you from headaches down the road.


You can’t prepare for everything, but following these three simple rules can make a massive difference when you make them a habit. Conversely, if you don’t even double-check vehicle doors when you leave, it might come back to haunt you someday. Finally, these recommendations can also equip you with the confidence to park anywhere at any time.



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