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Can You Lock Bikes on a Hitch Rack?

What is a hitch bike rack?

Bike hitch racks allow you to attach your bike to your vehicle while on the road. This is a unique device that connects to your car hitch or can be used to lock your bike on a bike rack. This is the best way to take your bike along, especially if you are traveling long distances.

You can have a hitch rack in a tray, hitch-mounted, or hanging styles. The type of hitch rack that you can install will depend on your needs.

It is therefore important to understand their differences.

1. Tray bike hook racks

You have two options for a hitch rack. You can choose to have a tray-style or hanging hitch track. Bikers prefers a tray-style hitch track. You can place your bike tires on a tray. The arms will normally hold the front wheel and secure it.

Some models have arms that can be used to secure the rear and front wheels of a bicycle. This hitch bike rack offers maximum protection for your bike. The racks will not touch your bike frame, which is another benefit.

This means your bike frame is safe from being scratched or otherwise damaged. You can also load multiple bikes with tray types. This is the best option if your bike has large tires. These racks can be heavy and expensive.

2. Bike rack for hanging hitch

The hanging hitch bike rack is another type of hitch rack. This rack holds your bikes frames while being installed. The top tube can be hung across the arms, and the support beam will provide security.

To ensure that the bicycle hangs vertically, the rack must be fitted with a slotted fork. You can then slide your bicycle over the rack arms. To attach your bike to the rack, you will need a strap.

The hanging hitch bike rack is an affordable option. The rack is affordable and readily available in the store. It can damage your bike if it is not installed correctly.

3. Vertical hitch bike rack

Vertical hitch bike racks are similar to the hanging bike rack. If you have multiple bikes, this is the best type. They can hold between five and six bicycles at once.

Vertical hitch bikes are the easiest to use. This type makes it easier to load and unload your good mountain bikes. This rack is preferred by mountain bikers.

Using a Hitch Rack to Lock a Bicycle

There are many types of hitch bike racks, but the basic process is to attach the bike to the rack.

Step 1: Examine the hitch rack

You should inspect your hitch rack prior to installation. Make sure the rack is secure and doesn’t move. You can do this by placing a small amount of weight on your leg, and pressing the weight down.

After you’re satisfied with the attachment you can check for loose parts that could cause the rack to fall off while driving.

Step 2: Remove accessories from your bike

You should ensure that each accessory is carried separately if your bike comes with multiple accessories. You should only attach a bicycle to the rack. Before you start the installation, remove any bells, lights, bags or reflectors.

Step 3: Make sure you have additional locking straps

A secure bike rack attachment is key to a successful installation. To ensure that the bike is balanced, you will need both a simple locking strap and a longer locking strap.

These straps will ensure that your good mountain bikes are securely secured and properly installed. This will prevent thieves from stealing your bicycle.

Step 4: Put the bicycle on the rack

Once you have all the tools you need, you can attach your bike to a rack. To ensure your bike is stable, you must remove it from the frame. To ensure that the handle of the bike does not move during lifting, you can ask for assistance. This will prevent you from being injured in an accident while installing the bike.

Step 5: Lock the bike tire before you go

After you place the bike in its proper position, the tire will automatically lock to the rack so that there is a minimal movement to the front wheels. This means that your front wheel is now securely fastened.

To do this, wrap the strap around the middle of the frame. This will ensure stability and balance throughout the installation.

Pro tip: Make sure the strap that you use to attach the hitch rack is strong enough to hold it in place. Protecting your bike from theft is essential. An extra strap can make all the difference.


Bike hitch racks allow people to travel far with their bikes. You can mount your bikes securely on any vehicle, such as a car or on an SUV with the correct rack and the steps to follow.

This guide will show you how to lock bikes to the hitch rack. These steps are easy to follow.

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