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Climate Change Poll: Are The Politicians Lying To Us Straight in the Face? | Will You Be On The Streets On 24 Sep?

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Are the Politicians Lying to Us Straight in the Face

The world-famous young climate activist Greta Thunberg has tweeted:

Greta Thunberg Climate and environmental activist

“Politicians and political partys are lying us straight in the face. There’s no party that is doing nearly enough. They’re failing us. Only voting won’t be enough. We need to be active democratic citizens to safeguard basic living conditions. See you in the streets September 24th.”

During a meeting on Sep 3rd, 2021, at the St. John the Baptist Parish Emergency Operations Center, President Biden said.

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“I think what we’re all seeing, and I’m getting the same response from my Republican friends here that are in the Congress, is that there’s nothing political about this. It’s just simply about saving lives and getting people back up and running, and we’re in this together. And so we’re not going to leave any community behind, rural, city, coastal, and I promise to have your backs until this gets done,” Biden said. The President also tried to make the case for his legislative proposals funding more climate-resilient infrastructure.

US President Joe Biden promised on Climate Change
US President Joe Biden

“Things have changed so drastically in terms of the environment. We’ve already crossed certain thresholds. We can’t build back roads, highways, bridges, anything to what it was before. We gotta build back to what it is now, what’s needed now,” Biden said. “And I know the heads of the energy companies understand this really well. We have a significant piece of legislation, both the infrastructure bill and a budget thing, a reconciliation bill, that calls for significant investment in being able to deal with what is about to come.”

Gas exploration

On the other hand, The Biden administration announced plans on Tuesday to open millions of acres for oil and gas exploration. “The sale could ultimately result in the production of up to 1.1 billion barrels of crude oil and 4.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. stated the Nobel Prize Laureate Greta Thunberg a couple of days ago.”

Climate Poll 2

Will you be on the streets on 24 of sept on Greta’s call



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