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Commercial Credit Information Report Everything You Need to Know

Personal CIBIL credit ratings are widely used, however, the business tables are quite different. Individuals in India can get their credit scores and reports from the Credit Information Bureau of India (CIBIL).

Company credit reports (CCRs) are available from CIBIL and should be requested by commercial borrowers like firms and other organizations.

To Begin, Let’s Define a CIBIL Commercial Report

A company’s CIBIL or Commercial Credit information Report serves the same purpose for its financial standing that an individual’s CIBIL score does for their personal finances.

Because of this, a Commercial CIBIL Report is a comprehensive assessment of a company’s financial health that uses information from a wide range of financial institutions.

This report is critical when determining whether or not to extend a commercial loan to a business. In general, the following information will be included in a CIBIL report requested for business purposes:

The Company’s Beginnings

Included are the articles of incorporation, first shareholders, current owners, and length of time in business for the company.

Data Relating to Banking, Economics, etc

Credibility and liquidity metrics for assessing a company’s ability to borrow money.

Indicators of Past Financial Performance

Information on the firm’s finances, including its income, expenses, and other financial data. Moreover, the CIBIL rating is a key factor as well. It’s possible to view a CIBIL rank as an upgraded CIBIL score.

There you can find a numerical synopsis of the company’s CCR. You can get a CIBIL score ranging from 300 to 900, and your CCR can be anywhere from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible score.

Those businesses whose Business Credit Report contains credit exposure between 10 lakh and 10 crores are given this designation. Commercial loan approval rates are inversely proportional to a company’s rating in Commercial Credit Report India, according to CreditQ, one of the leaders in Business Credit Management and Information. They manage business credit and provide an accurate and perfect Credit Information Report.

Gaining Entrance to Business Reports

Company Commercial Reports are available for download from CIBIL’s website. However, there is a yearly fee of $3,000 to access your CCR. Herein are detailed the steps to be taken.

  • First, get your company’s credit report using the CIBIL website at
  • Second, fill out the application form in full, including the company’s legal constitution and registered address, the applicant’s name and address, the company’s registered address, the applicant’s contact information, the applicant’s PAN number and other information, and the details of any enclosing documents.
  • Third, once you’ve decided, pay the 3,000 using any of the various online alternatives.
  • In step 4, once your payment has been processed, CIBIL will issue you a Registration ID and a Transaction ID for your application request.
  • Five, submit your Know Your Customer (KYC) paperwork. Within seven business days of submission, you will receive a hard copy of your CCR and CIBIL score at the company’s registered address.

How to Write a Winning Business Plan?

Making on-time payments on your current and overdue EMIs is essential if you want to bring down your CCR. Make timely payments on any loans you have taken out, whether in your personal or company capacity.

As per CreditQ, if your company or organization has provided you with a credit card, it’s in your best interest to pay off your EMIs on time to avoid having a harmful impact on your CCR and CIBIL Score.

Because of the ease with which banks and other credit providers can make mistakes, it is vital that business owners and managers stay up to date on all financial transactions and credit statements. If an issue arises, it should be addressed without delay.

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