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Does Clenbuterol (Clen) help you lose fat?

Clenbuterol – a fat-burning anabolic-androgenic, which is also known by the name of clen in the world of medical science acts as a strong metabolic agent in the body. Just like any other steroids it also serves the purpose of anti-inflammation and can be used to relieve any muscle pain or discomfort.

However, the specific use of this steroid is limited to people who are suffering from any sort of lung infection, throat infection, and having breathing difficulties. When taken it can instantly get to work and relieve any sort of breathing issues.

Medical history of clenbuterol:

Although introduced in the world of medicine for the betterment of health and wellbeing of people since 1998 this steroid has been discontinued in the market.

Initially put on hold by the FDA, federal drug authority, to be used on human beings due to its severe side effects and longer-term health problems, this drug is also used on mammals like horses and domestic sheep who are suffering from asthma and other breathing conditions.

With its sale and purchase being banned by the FDA, this drug is still given to patients in some hospitals and clinics where doctors think that it can be of value to treat severe breathing problems and lung infections.

Uses of clen in the world of medicine:

Medical science and the study of different drugs have kind of evolved in the past few years. In the 21st century, the world of medicine has come up with ways and treatments which were once seemed far-fetched to think about.

Now with diseases getting cured with shots of steroids and fast relieving tablets, clenbuterol is no different. This particular steroid has made its way into the world of medicine to treat some of the most chronic health conditions, especially where a patient is unable to breathe.

Now we all know how that can turn into a nightmare if not addressed right away. Clen was considered really efficacious in treating such conditions. Some of the premium reasons why clen is prescribed are:

  • Treatment of severe asthma in human beings and animals
  • Subsiding lung and throat infection
  • Reduce inflammation and muscle pain
  • Increase metabolism

Apart from its vital role in the treatment of chronic conditions, clenbuterol is also used in sports.

Uses of Clen in the world of sports:

When it comes to sports, the use of medicine always seems like a taboo topic because a professional athlete and the use of medicine don’t portray a picture of physical fitness.

Be that as it may, the world of sports has also evolved over the past decades or so. We have tons of different sports now reaching even the remote places of the world. With the vicinity of sports getting bigger and bigger and the coverage, a sportsman is getting nowadays touching incredible heights, performance enhancement is something which the world expects from a supreme athlete.

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Professional athletes taking part in different sports know that they have such a huge fan base across the globe which expects the best of them no matter what. That is the reason athletes buy clenbuterol UK and other steroids or performance-enhancing drugs to get the best out of them. Some of the main uses of clen in sports are:

  • It helps in achieving a lean physique
  • It helps in weight loss and reducing visceral fat
  • It enhances metabolism and overall energy

Why bodybuilders buy clenbuterol UK:

Bodybuilding is one such sport that has garnered a cult fan following in different parts of the world. Now we see this sport getting the mainstream media attention and coverage. With fans rooting for their favorite bodybuilders to compete at some of the popular bodybuilding shows, this sport is getting more and more eyeballs at each event be it the national or international arena.

Bodybuilders want to look their best shape when competing and that is why they use different steroids and drugs, especially the ones which can provide the best of both worlds, i.e., gain muscle and lose fat. Clen is among those steroids which can provide them what they’re looking for. That is the primary reason why we see the use of clenbuterol UK in bodybuilding. But people who look to buy clen must consider its strong side effects.

Side effects of using clenbuterol:

As is discussed already, clen use has been banned by the FDA, which obviously tells us something about the long-term side effects associated with this steroid. Also, bodybuilders and gym freaks try to overdo the dosage of these drugs when they’re looking for more rapid results which sometimes can be fatal and could lead to death by substance abuse as well. Some of the reported side effects of clenbuterol are:

  • Cardiovascular issues like increased heart size
  • High level of blood sugar
  • Heart palpitation episodes
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Skin rash and discoloration
  • Loss of sleep and appetite.

Where to buy clenbuterol UK:

In most geographies of the world especially in America, clen has been discontinued and comes under a controlled or illegal substance to have in possession. But in the UK, the laws are a bit flexible when it comes to using steroids for personal use. You can buy clenbuterol UK with a prescription over the counter and access its purchase online. It won’t be an issue if you just go to google and type in buy clenbuterol UK online. The product is there to be purchased.



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