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Gender-Based Abortion: Save or Lose Another 5 Million Girls by 2030

Gender-based Abortion a Cruel “Social Norm”

British Medical Journal has recently concluded a study which shows that gender based abortion will kill almost 5 million girls in their mother’s womb by 2030. There is a big question whether world wants to save those unborn females or will they be definitely killed?

According to research in the case of childbirth, the preference of boys over girls and related measures are likely to reduce the birth rate of female babies. It will have a negative impact on the population, society, and economy.
According to a conservative estimate, 4.7 million fewer girls will be born worldwide in the next ten years than expected.

Study found boys are preferred in many societies. In addition to Southeast Europe, gender-based abortions continue in South and East Asia, and this fact could lead to a decline in the birth rate of girls. This potential situation could upset the balance of men and women in society on a long-term basis.

4.7 million fewer girls will be born by 2030
4.7 million fewer girls will be born by 2030

This study examined two hypothetical situations. The researchers focused on the 12 countries where the proportion of men to women in the population has increased since 1970. Seventeen countries are also at risk of such a situation due to social attitudes and controversial factors available.

Two different cases were then examined for research purposes. In the first case, based on the available data, the trend was observed, and based on this, a prediction was made that under the next ten years, 4.7 million fewer girls could be born than expected.

Here are a few reasons for this immoral preference.

Cultural, Economic & Psychological Factor

gender discrimination is prevailing at large scale in India
gender discrimination is prevailing at large scale in India

The male is considered an insurance policy. Financial security is linked to males during old age and the family which have more males enjoys a more protocol almost in every class especially in African and Asian societies, despite class barkers.

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Although in post-postmodern era the earning has been shifted towards brain in comparison of old ages when women were incapable to handle many task due to their weak physic, but majority of people still think in old pattern. This is the job of governments to make the policies attractive to the masses that they would withdraw themselves from the psychological insecurity.

Consequences of Women Shortage in Future

The map is highlighting  shortage of women in some countries
The map is highlighting shortage of women in some countries

The typical biologically sex ratio at birth ranges from 106 males to 100 females. However, ratios as high as 130 boys for 100 girls have been observed in East, South and Central Asia. Such an disparity increases the chances of violence against women.

The imbalance ratio of gender will create several social issues. For example, China now has a huge, and growing gender gap among the generations most likely to be seeking a spouse.

In other words China is facing acute shortage of brides. Women are not an object to have sex with. Spouse and wife have comprehensive meanings then a sex need only. Despite the availability of sexual outlets a big number of heterosexual men will not get a chance to get married and others may go to extreme measures to do so.

The Solution is not Impossible but Very Difficult

According to social scientists skewed sex ratio at birth is potentially traceable through fetus sex selection. In spite of active before birth gender discrimination, information and education of sex selective abortion, female gender-selective killing and its negative results are lacking.

The strategy is limited by lack of information about the practice, means to be attentive towards it, lack of capabilities of implementers at all levels to involve communities in discussion against gender inequality, discrimination, on reproductive rights, gender-biased sex selection.



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