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How Do I Sell My Proton X70 If I’m the Owner

When Proton Vehicles was first brought to Pakistan, there were questions in minds of people that whether PROTON will be successful or not but alhamdulillah, PROTON cars received a very positive response from the market witnessed in the heavy booking obtained for X70 & SAGA. Now that 2021 is coming to an end, many people have started to expect great things from Proton.

On some social media platforms, there’s has been trending gossip that Proton is bringing in more of its newly designed vehicles in Pakistan. And some started to make preparation in advance, but some don’t know how to sell their car, which they already owned. So, we are here to tell you about some tips which help you to sell your old vehicle, immediately.

Tips To Sell Your Old Car

Prepare All Your Paperwork

The first point you need to do is to complete all your required documents, such as your car papers, which can be identified as a pink slip that will give you sole and legal rights to sell your vehicle. The next information you need to check is if there are any installments left for your car, and if you are unable to find out, then call your dealer and ask him if there are any remaining installments.

The following thing you want to do is to check the paper works required to transfer ownership and also check that when you are selling the vehicle, the number plate goes with it as well. And the final thing you need to do is to check that your car is in mint condition or not, and if you don’t know how to check your vehicle correctly, then take your to a dealership and ask them to make a report of the health of your car, then when a buyer asks about your vehicle, You can send them the info which you have prepared in advance.

Demand a Price

Let’s say that you own a Proton X70 AWD and Proton saga 2021 Price that you want to purchase the FWD version. So, you would definitely need to sell the old one to get a new one, and for that to happen, you would need to set a price that will stand out more than the others, and for that to happen, you would need to estimate a price for your car. Go to different car-related platforms and see what other car sellers are demanding for the exact vehicle; by doing this, you will be able to estimate a perfect price for your car.

Keep Your Car In Mint Condition

The most effective way to sell your car is by keeping maintaining it in mint condition. Let’s say you own a Proton X70 AWD, and you didn’t take care of it properly, and it’s a complete mess on the inside as well as the outside.

This will lead to a poor impression wherever a buyer looks at it; he will not be interested in it anymore, so the only reliable option for you is that keep your car well maintained, and if you don’t know how to get it maintained, then go to a service station, and they will do the work for you, and your car will look like brand new, which will also leave a good impression and buyers will rush to purchase your vehicle.

Prepare Ads That Will Sell

Whenever people are ready to sell their vehicles, they usually don’t know how to let others know that you are selling their car. Well, it’s straightforward in the current era because now, with the help of social media, countless people are selling different items online, and other people are also using social media to sell their old cars, and you can also do that; you just need to take a lot of good pictures with your mobile which will lead to in building a lot of confidence in the market regarding your car and your car will probably stand out more than the rest and take photos from various angles and also take pictures of the car engine and also take the picture the meter to the show the people to show the current millage.

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There are different kinds of social media platforms that you can use when you sell your vehicle, but the most common platforms which are being used now are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You just need to give all the required details of the car, add pictures of the vehicle you took with your mobile, and then post them.

Screen Callers carefully

The most annoying thing about selling a used car is that you sometimes get calls from people who say that they are interested in buying your vehicle but don’t have money to buy it, which lead to a lot of time wastage, so whenever you get a call from a buyer to tell them to come on a video call or face time which will save a lot of time, and you would not waste your fuel by going to the customer house. And when you get a buyer who sounds legit and is 100% ready to purchase your vehicle, then just set up a test drive from and you will be successful close the sale.

Close the Deal

When your buyers are ready to purchase your cars, the only thing you need to do is negotiate properly and slowly and be sure that you repeat your price numbers so that there is no misunderstanding and when both are ready, you must make sure the buyer is prepared to pay in cash or cheque. If any loans are remaining, you will need to close the deal at the bank.



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