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How does Shutter Speed affect an Image?

Shutter speed is how long the shutter stays open to define this important property in a nutshell. As for its work or its function, it controls how long the camera sensor is exposed to light. So the shutter speed is the same as the exposure time, with different expressions according to different shooting conditions.

When we take pictures, the camera is exposed to different lighting conditions, but the camera sensor needs a specific amount of light to produce the appropriate image.

Like other exposure settings, the shutter speed is calculated so that each exposure either doubles or halves the exposure. changing the speed from 1/30 second to 1/60 second will cut the exposure in half, and so on.

Shutter speed

So, the high the speed, the shorter the time the sensor is exposed to light, which means that the sensor receives less light, and vice versa when the shutter speed decreases, as the camera produces a higher exposure to light, meaning the sensor receives more light. All this means that if shooting in bright light, you will find yourself having to use a high shutter speed and vice versa in low ambient light.

This is in terms of exposure control, but is that the only function? No, the shutter affects the look of the image as well.

How it affects the photo.

Motion freeze

Shutter speed Motion freeze

The slower shutter speed means that the possibility of movement effect during the sensor captures the image. This movement could be the movement of the camera or the subjects to be photographed or both, which is something you most likely want to avoid.

A condition that causes the camera to move is called Camera Shake. This results in image flickering and causing unwanted blur in all cases. Therefore, it is preferable that the shutter speed not be less than 1/30 sec in the case of hand-held shooting, which also depends on the focal length of the lens and whether the lens includes an optical image stabilization or not.

shutter speed

On the other hand, even if you use a high shutter speed, the shaking or movement of the subjects you want to photograph may cause the image to distort, so you will need a higher speed to be able to freeze the movement of the subject, which sometimes means shooting as fast as 1/500 sec Or 1/1000 second and maybe more in some cases, which you probably need if shooting sports.

Camouflage affect production

In some cases, you may want to take advantage of the blurring effect caused by the movement of subjects. Some sports photographers choose the appropriate shutter speed to preserve the sharpness and sharpness of the athlete’s body, which is a key element of the image, while still blurring the background to produce an effect that suggests the speed of the event in the photograph.

In the case of landscape photography, the relatively slow shoot speed turns waterfalls and rivers into a blur, as seen in the previous image. Long exposure to light in the case of outdoor night photography also blurs clouds and turns automobile lighting into solid lines of light, for example.

Video Shoot speed

The shutter adjustment can also be used in video shooting but not to control camera movement or image elements. Rather, the shutter speed ensures smooth movement between image frames, an effect known as the Persistence of Vision. Choosing the shutter speed, in this case, depends on the frame rate per second of the video. That is, with a frame rate per second of 30 fps, should use a shooting speed of less than 1/30 sec, as any speed higher than that will produce an undesirable effect when switching between



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