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How to Install Kingston Brass Faucet in 2022

Installing the Kingston brass faucet for your kitchen is a simple job for homeowners of all ages even for those with no plumbing expertise.

But, this process usually calls for you to be attentive in making adjustments like installing and connecting faucets. In the event of a failure, the faucet could leak and cause daily irritation.

Steps of Installing a Kingston Brass Faucet:

Step 1: Before starting the installation, ensure that both supply lines are flushed to eliminate any debris. then turn off the supply lines following flushing.

Step 2: Disconnect your Tee connector and spout mount hardware from the spout.

Step 3: Apply some silicone caulking to the middle hole of the top of the sink. Avoid using a plumber’s putty because it could affect the appearance and invalidate your warranty.

Step 4 4. From the top of the sink put in the spout’s base rings, if you can, and then put the spout in the hole in middle. Install the spout setup hardware back on the spout, secure the locknut using your hands. Then, insert the pop-up rod into either the hole in back or through the top of the spout, and then turn the metal washer indented to ensure smooth movement of the pop-up rod. Then, test the pop-up rod to ensure ease of use.

Step 5 5. Step 5: Apply Teflon tape. Then position the washer of the tee connector and connect the tee connector to the shank of the spout. Lock the lower locknut in place and insert the washer in the hot and cold valve and then insert them into the holes in the sides.

Step 6: As you hold from beneath the sink Secure the lock’s top nut above and then set a suitable distance of the deck up to the stem’s top. Attach at the same time the top as well as bottom lock nuts. Make sure to not squeeze the lock nuts too much because it could cause excess stress to the stern body, causing leakage that could cause water damage to the.

Step 7: Connect flexible pipes to the exit ports for the assembly of cold and hot valves. you might need to tie the hose, but be careful not to overtighten the hose.

Step 8: For the threading that is all-male, use Teflon tape and connect the supply lines for the inlet to the lower port of hot and cold valve connections.

Step 9: Attach the gasket’s bottom mounting nut to the draining system. Wrap the top edge of the draining device with Teflon tape.

The 10th step is to apply silicone on the bottom of the flange, install the flange’s body via the drainage system, then hold the draining device at the back of the sink, and tighten the mounting nut using your hands. Be sure to wash off any excess silicone.

Step 11: Insert the pivot rod inside the vent for the pivot rod Then, place the pivot nut onto the pivot rod, place it to the draining system and secure it.

Step 12: Insert the pivot rod into one of the straps to the lift rod holes, and then tighten it using the spring dip. Adjust the height of the rod by resetting the clevis screw in the faucet. Once you have the rod is inserted through the strap for the lift rod and then insert the lift rod, and then tighten it with the Clevis screw.

Step 13: Once the connections are established, test the supply of water to make sure there are no leaks. If there is no leaks are found, disconnect the Aerator from the spout. Then, move the handles into the fully open position. Let the water run for at least 30 seconds, and then take it off and replace the aerator.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Brass Faucet?

The amount of time required to install brass faucets varies based on the tasks you’ll need to complete. If you’re a seasoned DIYer, it will take less than 8 hours to put in the kitchen faucet so provided that all the required tools and equipment are ready. Each task involves preparation and safeguarding the area, taking out the old faucet in the event the need for a replacement, and repairing the brass faucet by fitting the new lines of supply.



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