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How to Make a Travel Video

Travel videos have become a rage. Everyone out there is producing travel content and enriching the digital platforms. There were times when travel videos were created by a few reputed organizations like Nat Geo or state boards only. However, today the quantum of travel has increased. People are traveling to offbeat, undiscovered places. Large platforms are available to showcase their talent. And the result is millions of travel videos at our disposal. Well, if you also are amongst people who love creating travel videos, whether for personal or professional use, this blog is a must-check for you.

Firstly, how are travel videos useful?

  • It educates the viewers about new places.
  • It educates them about the places to visit while traveling.
  • It helps them choose a destination they want to travel to.
  • It generates tourism for a country.
  • It creates awareness about beautiful places on Earth.
  • It offers insight into experiences gained while traveling to certain places.
  • It helps hotels and resorts promote their properties and experiences.

The benefits of travel videos are just endless. If you wish to see a practical example, Spiti Valley in India wasn’t a tourist destination a decade back. Today, a large chunk of people know about this and are making plans to visit there. The same could be said of a remote village in Austria, an Airbnb in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and a cage diving experience in South Africa. And all this popularity emerged when the travel videos created by nomads got an audience who later generated tourism.

Here are a few quick steps to create a travel video. Creating a video is a skill. You keep doing it until you get better at it. Then you actively start working on creating more travel videos. But here’s how you can get started at a small level.

1. Pre-production

Being spontaneous is fun. But it won’t lead to qualitative results every time. Let your art be spontaneous but plan everything well in advance.

Before you set out to create a video, know the purpose.

  • How do you want this video to serve you?
  • Do you wish this video to convert clients for you?
  • Do you want to spread your art and eventually gain collaborations from it?
  • Do you wish this travel video to increase customer conversion for your travel company?

You see, there are endless possibilities. But when your purpose is clear, you can plan the story smartly. Video is nothing without a story. Your viewers would get confused if there is no context to it. Put the idea and concept in place.

Now, plan and research. Do you want to shoot this video, or do you want to use readymade clips to create an engaging video? If you are shooting the video, you need to plan your gears, location, models, clothes, timings, expenses, and everything. Indeed, the end result would be rewarding. But it is important to understand that creating a video from scratch would be expensive. However, if you are using readymade clips, you still would need editing to get it right.

2. Production

Let’s consider that you are planning to shoot a video from scratch. Hereby you would have to look for budget and location primarily. Once done, you have to do the actual work of going there and shooting. Be very spontaneous with your art. Refer to your style and seek inspiration from well-converting videos. Understand the subject and take adequate footage to help you convert it into something fruitful. Ensure the quality of your gears. You don’t necessarily need lakh worth of gadgets to bring a fruitful video. Even a phone camera could work. But it all depends on the skill of the videographer to capture the frames.

Here are a few tips to consider if you are shooting a travel video.

  • Video quality and resolutions matter the most.
  • Video context should not be lost.
  • Good lighting can fix most problems with photography.
  • Always have a backup plan when you are shooting outdoors. N number of external factors come to play.
  • Always have a stack of inspiration to help you at a moment’s notice.
  • Avoid taking unnecessary clips. It would add to the final editing work.
  • Always carry protection for your gadgets.

The possibilities of creating travel videos are abundant. But any place is good to get started.

Now, if you are using a stack of readymade videos to create a travel video, you need to find a high-resolution stack from the Internet. You still need a storyline and an engagement fun factor to edit the video in line. Vision is as important a part of this process as it is for creating a video from scratch.

3. Post-production and Editing

The most crucial of all the processes is editing. We cannot emphasize its importance enough.

A well-edited video is what converts. You eventually spend more hours editing a video than you spend shooting a video. It’s not that simple. You need to amalgamate clips, transition them, ensure conveying the story, add animation to it, think of a soundtrack for it, ensure the audio-video sync, and various other things. All these require skills, patience, and a clear perspective. There is a reason why video editors are paid millions. However, you don’t need to spend millions editing your travel video. One can learn basic editing through the Internet.

Not only that, one can easily find easy-to-use video editors. With some patience and willingness to learn, you can create compelling travel videos and use them to your business advantage. However, it all depends on consistency. You need to edit videos after videos. This way, you would eventually create a visually appealing video, convey the message, and pursue the viewers to watch until the end.

Summing up, creating a travel video gets a lot easier when you do it patiently. Travel videos are a great way to enhance your content bank. You can achieve great results, be it in terms of sales, conversions, collaborations, or sponsored travels when you have an exquisite portfolio to yourself.



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