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How to Understand Alcoholism and ways to get rid of it?

Alcoholism is a disorder in which alcohol consumption becomes a routine activity during the day. People with an alcohol use disorder will continue to drink even when they experience negative consequences such as financial damage or damage to relationships with those around them in their lives. Even in cases where those people are aware of the negative effect alcohol has on their lives, they will not stop consuming alcohol.

What causes alcoholism?

The causes of alcoholism are not yet known but the disorder is created when the consumption of alcohol is so high that it causes chemical changes in the brain. The changes intensify the feeling of satisfaction while consuming alcohol and increase the frequency and amount of alcohol consumed. Those feelings disappear after a while and in order to restore them, that person will consume more alcohol in order to avoid the appearance of unpleasant and even dangerous symptoms as part of the alcohol withdrawal process. 

Alcoholism is an addiction that develops over time and when it appears in one family member, it will sometimes appear in other family members. There are factors that increase the risk of developing alcohol addiction – consumption of more than 12-15 alcoholic drinks per week, consumption of more than five alcoholic drinks per day, children with alcoholic parents, mental problems such as anxiety and depression, teenagers who experience social pressure, high mental stress in the daily routine, Low self-confidence, living with family members who tend to consume a high amount of alcohol.

When is a person considered an alcoholic?

Diagnosing a person as an alcoholic is based on their behavior and the physical symptoms that appear as a direct result of the addiction. People with alcohol addiction often drink alone and consume a relatively high amount in order to feel the effect of alcohol. Alcoholics will often react violently or angrily when questioned about their alcohol consumption habits, they will not have the ability to observe proper nutrition and personal hygiene. 

A person should go to the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai when he is unable to control his alcohol consumption and as a result, has lost his job and relationships with close people. Alcohol addicts will often invent excuses to drink and continue their drinking habits even after experiencing legal, social, or financial difficulties as a result.

What is the treatment for alcoholism?

The doctor can diagnose alcohol addiction through a physical examination and even a questionnaire with which he can assess the severity of the condition. Tests are usually needed to diagnose alcoholism, but the doctor can ask the patient to perform a blood test to examine liver function if symptoms of liver disease appear. Treatment in cases of alcohol addiction is done with a variety of methods, which are usually divided into several stages:

  • A cleansing process that is usually accompanied by the appearance of alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • A rehabilitation procedure at the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai in which the patient receives tools and learns how to manage his daily life without consuming alcohol
  • Receiving psychological counseling to treat mental or emotional problems that led to alcohol addiction
  • Participation in a support group with several steps to go through in the detox process
  • Medical treatment for health problems caused by alcohol consumption
  • Medicines to help go through the detox process
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