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List of Flowers that bloom in the winter season 

Flowers are vibrant, fragrant, and brim with vitality. Annuals, or plants grown from seeds, bloom, set seed, and then die throughout a season, are the most common type of home garden in India.  The advantage of having such a wide range of colors, sizes, and forms is present in these seasonal flowering plants. They take up less room in the landscape and are simple to replenish. Annuals can be grown in window boxes, herbaceous borders, beds, edging, etc. Winter is the greatest season to grow a wide variety of lovely blooming annuals in India. In October and November, annuals with winter blooms are seeded. Some seedlings begin to grow as soon as spring arrives after nearly hibernating during the chilly months of December and January. 

Here are some of the top annuals with winter blooms that you may cultivate in your backyard garden or send flowers online to your loved ones.  

Phlox – Winter Flowers

One of the most popular annuals produced for its stunning show and long blooming season in warm climes, it needs special care over the winter. The softly perfumed blossoms exhibit various colors, many of which have eye-like designs. 

Hydrangea Macrophylla 

It’s difficult to resist the vintage charm that hydrangeas display. The unpredictable colors range from crystal clear blue to vivid pink to frosty white to lavender and rose, often blooming in multiple shades on the same plant! This shrub is unmatched in its category and is simple to grow in practically any soil. Hydrangeas grow well in various garden settings, including shrub borders, container gardens, and group plantings. Even though many of them may grow and bloom in partial shade, they prefer full sun in the morning and some afternoon shade. 

Petunia – Winter Flowers

Petunia flowers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes each year, so they will undoubtedly add to the aesthetic appeal of your yard. The lengthy blooming period of this flower lasts from April till the first frost. Additionally, unlike other flora, it doesn’t require periodic maintenance. The bloom must be kept in direct sunlight for healthy growth; otherwise, it will become spindly and only a few flowers will emerge. For these plants to germinate, you must provide them with enough sunlight and sandy soil that has been well-drained. Petunia flowers, especially the white and lavender varieties, offer alluring scents that will enchant anybody who visits your yard. You can send these flowers to your loved ones with our same day flower delivery service.

Winter Aconite 

Winter aconite is a beautiful yellow bloom that will pop up through the snow, giving your landscape a bright color contrast, even though they may be less well-known bulbs. These flowers are a great choice to grow in your yard if you frequently have animals nibbling on your blooms because deer and rodents don’t find them especially tasty. 

Winter jasmine – Winter Flowers

With winter jasmine in bloom, combat the wintertime blues. Gardeners prefer these shrubs for their low maintenance requirements and bloom in winter with vivid yellow blooms. You won’t be able to smell these winter jasmine anytime soon, even though most jasmine blossoms have lovely scents. Winter jasmines are not fragrant flowers like the rest of their family. 


Carnations are available all year round and come in various colors, including pink, red, yellow, white, orange, and purple, in the winter. They may be grown from seed outside in extremely cold conditions because of their resilience. Carnations are the most prevalent flower online that can endure a winter season and have enormous, long-lasting, spice-scented blossoms. 

Daphne – Winter Flowers

Given its ancient Greek goddess name, you may be sure that this flower will be exquisitely beautiful and fragrant. Daphne is an evergreen shrub with lustrous, green foliage that grows to a height and breadth of around 3 feet. Its flowers have little, light-to-dark pink crosses for an appearance. Plant the seed in a location that will receive daily morning light or dappled shade. It simply needs to be pruned or watered when essential. Planting daphne on slightly elevated beds will aid in its easier and faster growth.


With a long blooming season, verbena mixed flowers are fast-growing and vibrantly colored flowers.   Mixed verbena flowers can be cultivated in borders, pots, and hanging baskets. They can reach up to 10 inches, spread to approximately 12 inches, and bloom in various pink, white, red, purple, and blue hues. The blooms appear in groups and have small, partially joined petals and hairy, thick foliage.

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