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Mobile App Design Trends 2022: Comprehensive Collection

Mobile app design trends never stay the same. As the world is changing, there are new technologies every day; thus, different approaches to design appear continuously. The number of websites globally has passed 1.88 billion. So, for every business that is planning to scale, keeping pace with the latest design trends is crucial.

Each business has some specifications and some restrictions on design trends to use. However, there is a wide range of different design approaches, and you can choose the one that is perfect for your application or website. In the blog, we’ve collected the latest mobile app design trends 2022, and the years beyond that will help you stay up to date.

Strong 3D Geometric Designs

3D geometric designs are a cost-effective way to give your app or website an appealing look without the need to spend too much on photography. This trend is popular more with start-ups. Three-dimensional designs use abstract shapes and bright colors that don’t distract from the functionality of the application.

In 2021, many apps experimented with 3D shapes to offer visual interest and depth. We expect the mobile app design trend that will dominate in 2022 because more and more designers are now getting familiar with this method of making the content appear to pop out of the screen.

App Color Schemes

The year 2020 brought massive changes that were reflected in the 2021 app color palette. Harmony is one of the biggest changes, and there are more analogous color palettes. An analogous color palette makes colors blend into one another, and it is quite soothing to the eyes. Here are some of the trends enterprises need to look out for:


These are the color schemes using adjacent colors in the color wheel, offering a harmonious effect.

Monochrome Designs

These are the application color palettes that utilize the shades of the same color when there is one bold shade that makes it more colorful while the remaining are simplistic.

Cool Natural Colors

The cool natural colors palette is becoming more demanding among designers because of its ease on the eye. It offers juicy and saturated colors paired with a lighter hue in the background, making the color pop up.

Super Minimalism

A lot of time of a person is glued to a small screen. No wonder users crave a more comfortable viewing experience. They want a clear and clean minimalistic design. Minimalism is all about making design quite a supporting force and emphasizing the content of the application. It is a challenging task for application designers as they have to limit themselves from overloading a website or an app with different design delights.

While designing an application, ensure to follow the latest mobile app design trends of limiting everything that creates a distraction. The mantra of super-minimalistic design is that less is more and be easy to use.

Shadows And Layers for Deepness

If you’re not opting for 3D images, then use something else to add deepness to your design. You can achieve the depth effect by using layers and shadows. By adding contrasting graphics, photographs, and other design items and dramatic shadows, you can attain visual depth easily and quickly.

You can create an internal hierarchy by placing elements and overlapping sections. Then, add a new depth by adding shadows to your layers.

Advanced Animation

Operative animation is a crucial element for a better user experience. Animated movements and motions supply lots of data. They confirm actions, add rhythm to interactions, and explain the state changes. With the innovations in mobile devices, designers can now create more advanced animations.

The animation not only bridges gaps between different conditions, but it is also a vital part of branding. The motion explains an exclusive story about your product or the brand. Whereas animation spices up things for the users by creating some movie-like scenes where the content changes from frame to frame.

Rounded Corners

It is one of the app design trends created from modern advanced smartphone devices. Both iOS and Android flagships offer rounded corners. As the curved corners of a device reflect in its UI design, so all mobile app development sites and applications get the same rounded feel and appearance. It impacts the user experience in a good and positive way. Rounded corners are smoother for the eyes and help to process the content on the screen easily.

Dark Mode

A dark mode is a low-light UI showing dark surfaces most of the time. There are a number of advantages of this mobile app design trend. It saves battery power by reducing the use of light pixels. Along with that, dark mode lessens the eye strain as it modifies the screen’s brightness according to present lighting conditions.

By this, the user can spend longer periods on the application. The dark design mode makes features, icons, and text stand out when you use perfectly contrasting colors. Many users love the sense of sophistication the dark mode provides.


The appearance of the application or website shouldn’t affect its functionality. Some super designs certainly look cool, but they are often impossible to create. Always adapt the trend that can be done in a real app. Also, create a design according to the future user image. For instance, a dark mode isn’t a great option for kids’ applications, and a playful style doesn’t suit a financial management app.

The selection of mobile app design trends and styles must be according to the potential audience. There are a number of vendors who can help you adapt to these latest design trends, such as Xavor Corporation. Xavor has been in the industry for more than two decades and has helped a number of 500 Fortune companies to design some mesmerizing apps and websites.



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