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OneDrive vs SharePoint | Which One is More Apt for Your Business

Remote work culture brings the need for new technology that facilitates remote working. More businesses are adopting an online approach to handling their operations and tasks. It has become the new way of working with limited resources, rendering unlimited prowess and capabilities. There is a drastic shift in the way virtual businesses operate. But it is increasingly becoming difficult for companies to manage and handle their functionality with the given set of resources and technology. So, what is the solution for maintaining work efficiency and productivity? OneDrive vs SharePoint is the answer to all your worries and questions. These are file-sharing apps or software that facilitate smooth collaboration for carrying out major business operations. The file-sharing capabilities enable streamlined working and exchange of electronic information. 

These platforms give easy access to data and important company information to the stakeholders from any device. Stakeholders can download, transfer, save, and create files on them and create information or communication channels with a department or company. OneDrive vs SharePoint is two prominent examples of such platforms that operate on the cloud. They store the company’s information in a centralized location or repository that employees and concerned parties can access from anywhere.  

Before digging down into the difference between this two software, we will discuss each briefly.  


Microsoft SharePoint is a document-sharing and collaboration application where stakeholders interact using an internal website. These platforms are hyper-responsive and can be accessed on any device. SharePoint stores manage, handle, distribute, and share files and documents with the users who have access or permission. It is customizable. It can be integrated with other Microsoft applications and tools to amplify its capabilities. 


OneDrive is a unique file and photo-sharing platform accessible from different devices anywhere in the world. It allows users to access, edit, share, save, and manage files with flexibility. Even if you lose your device, you will still be able to access and manage data because it is shared in a centralized location on the internet on OneDrive. OneDrive helps you get rid of large file-sharing attachments and pen drives. Now users can access and share their files with just a link.   

Difference between SharePoint and OneDrive  


SharePoint: This collaborative tool for teamwork and projects and supports a wide range of functions through the cloud and local networks. It fits small, medium, and large enterprises equally and targets groups of people instead of individual users, unlike OneDrive. 

OneDrive: It is a cloud-native storage solution by Microsoft that offers individual collaboration services.  


SharePoint: it offers users ample storage options. The storage option ranges from 15 TB per organization, which is sufficient for teamwork and operations.   

OneDrive: On the other hand, OneDrive has limited data storage options. It gives 1 TB per user, which may be sufficient for individual use but insufficient for collaborative team tasks. Some SMEs complain that they require more space while using OneDrive and often run out of storage space.  


SharePoint: For long-term usage, SharePoint offers more scalability than its contender. SharePoint can scale up and down as the organization grows. It allows more functionalities, options, and upgrades as new users come or leave.  

OneDrive: On the other hand, OneDrive, being essentially a storage solution, offers very limited scalability. In an event that a user or the account holder chooses to leave the organization. They can take away all the data and files with them. There is nothing much that Microsoft can do in this regard. 

Security and permissions 

SharePoint: It has high file encryption features, which provide not only robust security for file-sharing and accessibility but also advanced auditing policies. It has options to be made accessible even when offline and offers single-server security. Additionally, it provides greater control over the accessibility for data compliance. It is more beneficial for monitoring and controlling changes or edits made to the files.  

OneDrive: Unlike SharePoint, it has very limited permission features and security. Undoubtedly, it has tools for the encryption and protection of files, unlike those in SharePoint.  


Having witnessed all these differences and benefits, which one would you choose for your organization, keeping in mind your needs? Both are amazing file-sharing services with their pros and cons and peculiarities

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