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Order Birthday Cake With Some Unique Flavours

Cakes are the type of assets which are to be present on every occasion. It symbolises joy and happiness and refined every bond. Cakes are the foremost pleasant and engaging desert ever. There are many changes in the patterns and flavours of cakes, which makes them more demanding in the market. 

If it is your wife’s birthday you can surprise her, and customise a birthday cake for wife in a unique shape like a heart and a delicious flavour. A cake should be fluffy and moist, people should enjoy having it. The first and foremost thing about a cake is its appearance. A good cake is one which is made by following proper baking steps. Cakes look incomplete without a good frosting. 

Some important features that make a cake look good and loved by all: 






Different birthday cake flavours are: 

Ferrero Rocher Cake: 

Ferrero Rocher is one of the yummiest chocolates which is a combination of nuts and chocolatey fun. So if you are a Ferrero Rocher lover, you will definitely love this cake. It is a delicious dessert at any birthday party. 

Kitkat Cake: 

This cake is a perfect surprise for KitKat lovers, as KitKat is one of the most loved chocolates in India. You can even customize this cake by adding gems to it and giving it a unique shape. 

Mango Cake: 

Mango being the king of all fruits is loved by people in India. People in India eagerly wait for the mango season, this itself describes the love for mangoes. Mango lovers should try this cake as it is finger-licking delicious. 

Pineapple Cake: 

Pineapple gives the most aesthetic look to a cake with a hint of tropical. We have pineapple in various dishes like pizzas, pasta, chocolates and many more. So if you like pineapple you should try this cake as it will blow your mind. 

Rainbow Cake: 

Rainbow always reminds us about fictional characters and animated movies. Everyone was once upon a time mesmerized by rainbows. This cake gives a total magical wonderland vibe as it contains different colours of bread and whipped cream, with your choice of decoration on the top. 

Strawberry Cake: 

This flavour is a tricky one. As it looks sweet but the taste is quite tangy due to the berry flavour. It is liked by very few people who like strawberries. 

Oreo Cake: 

Oreo is a biscuit but it tastes utterly yummy in the form of cake. The combination of oreo and chocolate cake is a blissful experience for the taste buds. 

Doughnut Cake: 

Doughnuts are a sweet snack usually preferred with coffee. It is a sweet dish in which doughnuts are fried and then topped with different creams, sprinkles, nuts and so on. 

Milk Cake: 

This is one of the healthiest and most yummy cakes. It is a perfect combination of sweet and healthy which is liked by everyone. 

Tiramisu Cake: 

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert which has a coffee flavour in it. Tiramisu is made up of biscuits dipped in coffee, whipped cream, sugar and cocoa. This tasty tiramisu cake will surely delight your taste buds. 

Japanese Cake: 

This is also known as jiggly cake. It is primarily a cheesecake which is very famous in Japan. This cake is fluffy and smooth, made with the help of cream cheese and egg yolk batter. This cake will instantly melt in your mouth. 

You can even get a good cake decoration for a birthday cake with a name, with the help of some good icing, sprinkles and other edible decorations. Using edible flowers is one of the best ways to decorate a cake as it will give a floral appearance to the cake which looks royal. 

Fondant is another way of decorating a cake, with the help of fondant different characters can be made which look stunning on a cake. Fondant is nothing but sugar paste which has a texture like clay, it is edible. This gives your cake a different tempting look. 

Selecting a delicious flavour and getting your cake customised with the shape, size and decoration will make your cake look more attractive and can melt anyone’s heart.

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