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Poll On Abortion! | 3 Dynamic Factors Of the Religious, Political, and Social Division In USA

No clarity, no conscience, and no solution available for the division on abortion in the United States of America. About five decades have passed but US nation is still divided on this controversial topic.

Many states have initiated or moved on towards new restrictions on abortion in 2021. With an intention for giving the Supreme Court a chance to repeal its decision in Roe v. Wade, and the high court acknowledged in May to review a Mississippi law that intends to make most fetuses DNC after 15 weeks of pregnancy illegal. The case will be the court’s first abortion law review since Justice Amy Coney Barrett took the bench in October.

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No one knows how long this controversial topic will be stretched but 5 key here are key facts about Americans’ views on the topic, based on Pew Research Center polls.

Abortion Should or Should not be legal

What is Your opinion on Abortion

About 59 percent of the total adult American population is not against the legal status of abortion in all or most cases, these voices are of six people out of every ten. whereas 39 percent think the opposite and say it should be illegal in all or most cases.

This survey has been conducted in the month of March 2021. Six people out of each ten have not taken a clear position for or against it. It should be legal in most but not in all cases.

According to 34% and 26 emphasized that it should illegal as most but exceptions can be allowed.

Abortion Stats

Sectarian Division

The sectarian division is one of the major factors which heats up this debate almost 77 percent of the White Evangelical Protestants oppose abortion except for Inevitable conditions while 21 percent have a lenient opinion about it, on the other hand, 63 percent of white Protestorns accept it as whole or in most of the cases.

Catholics are more narrowly divided on said issue 55 out of hundred are supportive of legal abortion and 43 percent are against it.

Political Division

Which Party Is More Clear On The Topic Of Abortion

Significant minorities within both leading political parties differ with their party’s stance about abortion, according to the survey of 2019, 35% of the members of Republicans do not endorse their party’s take on abortion. Whereas 29% of democrats keep an opinion against their party.

Moral And Social Division

Should Society Judge an Individual On The Matter Of Abortion

According to Pew survey in 2017, 48% of Americans which is almost half of the American population said that abortion is an immoral act. While 20% called it morally right and 31% had the take that this is not a moral issue at all.



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