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Reaping What Should have Never been Sown

Chapter 1: Job’s A Bitch

Work nowadays is worst, it’s a shame having to go everywhere but not tasting the local cuisine. Yesterday, it was Yong Xi Huang a famous old sweet man for making the most delicious pan cakes in his area.

When I met him he had dough crumbs in his fingers and nails, Sun had just shown his face and was shining to it’s full might. Light shining over the hot plate he was cleaning, there was time and I wanted to taste the seafood pancakes but as I say nothing’s worst than a crappy boss. A customer asked him, “PoPa, is the shop open?”. I came to know he called Popa, but still it was my job no matter who he was I had to do it. Mr. Huang with a calm and polite voice replied, “Just a few minutes, have just made the batter.” With a calm music in the background on the radio of his time he smiled got back to cleaning his stand. PoPa’s Pancakes, a well known name for the region and an old man working alone in the morning.

5 minutes passed and he started picked up the batter pot and as he went toward the hot plate, pot slipped from his hand and the bell rang, it was time.

I hate this part of the job, floor filled with the delicious and famous batter, WASTED!!!!. A sudden sense of emergency emerged in the atmosphere, I took the old man with me, he was pretty shaken. I calmed him down and took him to his place. Funny thing everyone considers their home their heaven, he has been living in this house since his birth. He met his wife and was happy and calm. Ughhhhhh!! I missed the pan cakes, now I can never have them, may be in a few years…

I have to move around quickly everyday, job’s a bitch. Next stop L.A Los Angeles the city of angels. Love it here, everything sparkling and bright. My employer had given me the task to give a junkie ride to her home. So, I had to meet her. I went to her apartment and knocked her door but there was no reply. I knocked several times but no one was there. I thought she was out so I made myself an entrance and entered her apartment. She was unconscious, I patted her face and she opened her eyes. She was about 19 in a sparkling dress and with make-up smudged on her face. I told her, I was her escort and driver to her home. Homes and houses are very different things believe me. She slurred some words in affirmation and just went out the apartment without picking anything else. I followed her to the stairs as she was still hung over and escorted her to the ride.

We started our journey, I asked how old are you? She replied,” None of your concern”. That moment I knew she was a brat. I thought minding my own business was the best thing to do. She was still pretty hung over. I received a message from the head office to bring her to the Stop Office first, it often happened that they took some people to Stop Office for routine procedure. I followed the order and changed the course to Stop Office. She didn’t notice and I followed my orders and took her to the new destination. As I reached the place some of the officers escorted her into the office.

It was a routine procedure, I got a new assignment. It was several time pointed out that I was slow but I like to think it as I want to enjoy my time whatever I’m doing so it didn’t matter to me.

Though, I was lazy but work’s work so I went on to next the assignment. I had to transport a man to the Stop Office, the head office gave me the man’s location and I went there at my pace. Ughhhhhh!!! I’m jealous, this man really looks like a greek god, 6’2 jacked and blonde hair with blueish green eyes. He had an accident and was standing side of the road. I went to him and asked,”You’re James Cabbel?”. He replied, “Yes! I have been waiting for someone to come here. It’s been 3 hours anyone who passes, I ask for help ignores and goes away. I accidentally smashed my car into a tree at the death end street and no traffic passes by so I walked down here to get someone to help but everyone’s so rude in this neighborhood.” His shirt was ripped. I told him I had orders to take him to the Stop Office so, I showed him my identity and he was ready to go with me.

I escorted him to the ride and we started our ride. He was kind unlike that brat I just dropped off. Sometimes, it’s very kind people and sometimes they’re rude and some trouble makers I have to leave as they I don’t like to pickup trouble makers.

It’s my daily job and job’s a Bitch. The only thing I love is interacting with new people everytime and after years of experience people still amaze me in many new ways.



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