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Safe Parking Space: 3 Ways You Can Do to Prevent Other People from in Your Spot

Looking for a parking spot can be a tough task but securing one is much harder. There are a lot of car owners who don’t know how to respect boundaries which can make the lives of other people difficult. Some people don’t care if they park on other people’s property which is a bit annoying and disrespectful.

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent these scenarios from happening. You will have to make compromises to teach other people not to park in your spot especially when it’s on your side of the property. Here is a list of 3 ways you can prevent other people from taking your car stall.

Be Innovative

Parking-bollards are common nowadays especially in some establishments to ensure the safety of their infrastructure. There are a lot of careless drivers out there who don’t care if they bump into something that might be valuable just as long as they get to park their vehicles. If you have flower pots in your car stall and you don’t want them to get run over by your neighbors then you should try installing one on your property.

Automatic parking-bollards are very handy because they can be operated by remote control. You will never regret buying a remote control bollard because of the convenience and safety it gives. These parking devices can be a bit expensive. That’s why you should make sure that you have the funds for it so that you won’t have any problems in the future.

Install Parking Cameras

Installing cameras

Installing cameras on your property can help keep your place more secure and safe. You get to see everything that happens around the vicinity of your property even if you’re not at home because of the recording features it has. This device can not only protect you from potential danger but can also be used as a warning sign to those who are planning on taking your spot.

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There are cameras now that can be operated through mobile phones meaning you can monitor your home even when you’re at work. Make sure to install your cameras in places where they can be seen by others so that they’ll see that you are monitoring your house all the time.

Put Up Some Friendly Signs

Put Up Some Friendly Signs

Putting up friendly signs outside your property is one of the wisest things you can do to stop your neighbors from taking up your parking space. You can make your own signs or you can just order them online or buy them in the nearest malls in your area. You won’t come off as a hostile person since you’re just gently letting them know that they should respect your space.

If your neighbor continues to invade your parking space, then the best thing you can do is to confront them and tell them that they’re trespassing. You can take this up to the local enforcement you have if they continue to bother you. If you can resolve this issue in a more friendly manner then it would be much better.


You should always be mindful when it comes to parking your vehicle because it can cause inconvenience to some people. If you also want to secure your parking spot then you should put up some signs or a fence to let other people know that they’re off-limits from your property



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