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What is Smart TV – How it Works, Types, Factors to Consider While Buying

We’ve seen a shift in how we view televisions since the introduction of Smart TVs. They are prevalent and have had a significant impact on the market for traditional televisions. It will explain what Smart TVs are, how they work, their types, advantages and disadvantages, and various factors to consider when purchasing one. The best part is that today you can buy a smart TV on credit on easy EMIs.

Smart TV overview

Smart TV is an internet-connected television set that allows users to access online video streaming, web browsing, and even gaming. Online media, ‘Over the Top (OTT) content and traditional television channels features are all available through a smart TV. It also makes it possible to implement home networking solutions in which all devices are linked and controlled by a single button click.

Working of a Smart TV

When traditional TV software was developed, its primary goal was to display images by decoding and tuning the tuner. Smart TVs have the additional capability of loading and accessing internet-based content. As long as you have a TV, a set-top box, and an internet connection, you can use all three to access internet-based content on your television set.

Types of smart TV

Smart TV are differentiated based on below factors


4K Ultra HD technology is four times better than Full HD televisions. As a result, the 4K Ultra HD provides a higher level of detail and clarity. In contrast to standard-definition televisions, ultra-high-definition models allow you to sit very close to the screen and enjoy a more immersive viewing experience. Using this technology, HD content can be upscaled, resulting in sharper images.

Technology for Display

Smart TVs can be divided into LCD, LED, and OLED models based on their display technology. And you can easily purchase  TV on credit online from various ecommerce platforms. In either case, the Smart TV’s display is an LCD screen. On the other hand, LED or Light Emitting Diodes is the light source and is regarded as a good option for all lighting environments.

Intelligent TVs use a variety of software platforms

Additionally, software platforms play an important role in classifying Smart TVs. Even though many features are the same across all manufacturers, each one prefers to use a different software platform. The following are the most popular software programs ones:

LG Web OS: Known for its speed, LG Web OS is a popular operating system. Streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Instant Video are all supported by this software platform. It isn’t easy to personalize, but it’s trendy.

Samsung Tizen: This operating system is very similar to the Web OS in appearance, but it is much easier to customize. Tizen’s user interface is also more user-friendly. iPlayer and ITV Player are just a couple of the many content hubs that the Tizen OS is compatible with because of its smartphone origins.

Firefox OS: Firefox OS is only available on Panasonic televisions. It’s easy to personalize Firefox OS, which is best known for its vibrant pop-up icons. It’s compatible with a wide range of programs, including Netflix and YouTube.

Android OS: Many people worldwide are familiar with Android because of its widespread use in smartphones. In addition to running popular streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, this operating system is simple to personalize and navigate. In terms of gaming, Android OS is the best choice. Latest Panasonic TV, a well-known brand, utilizes this operating system on its televisions.

Factors to be considered before purchasing a TV

Below are some important factors which you should consider before purchasing a smart TV on Credit:

  • Price
  • HDMI Port
  • Warranty
  • Brand
  • Service Center
  • Reliability
  • Panel Type
  • Refresh Rate

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