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The Best Vivo Phones of 2021


The best Vivo phones have ventured into Europe and the UK, so we gather together awesome of the brand’s gadgets accessible at this moment, including the X60 Pro

Vivo may be one of the biggest cell phone brands you’ve won’t ever know about. That may be before the long change, nonetheless, with the organization’s continuous drive into new global business sectors past its local China.

The organization is as of now possessing one of the biggest cell phone portions of the overall industry internationally, so it’ll be fascinating to perceive what this most recent extension means for its impact.

At this beginning phase in its worldwide development, the majority of the telephones we’ve checked on end up being Chinese units, running district explicit programming, notwithstanding, that doesn’t degrade the superb equipment Vivo has dropped inside these gadgets and illustrates what’s in store from the global handsets presently dispatching, similar to the X60 Pro, X51, and Y20s, which you’ll all discover underneath.

There’s additionally the organization’s iQOO sub-brand to consider, which offers remixed takes on its parent image’s gadgets that strike a much more aggressive value/execution balance, with a slight gaming center. On the off chance that you can spend somewhat more, the Nex line is the organization’s actual lead space, however, the last – the Nex 3 – is at this point not discounted, so we’re holding on to perceive what’s next for Nex.

While a few gadgets in this rundown have been investigated running on Chinese firmware, we’ll update this diagram as the different worldwide adaptations become accessible – including the as of late declared Vivo X70 series, which we’ll audit soon. Inquire for a consistently exceptional rundown on the best Vivo telephones you can purchase. For more details, you can check out our full review of the Vivo X60 Pro.

The best Vivo phones

1. Vivo X60 Pro – Best in the West

Vivo X60 Pro
Vivo X60 Pro

The X60 Pro is the main individual from the X60 series authoritatively dispatching in the UK and Europe, however, it’s sufficient that we’re not grumbling.

This is one of the most slender, lightest lead telephones of the year, and components a faultless pearly glass finish.

The 6.56in 120Hz AMOLED show is perfect, and the Snapdragon 870 processor is all that anyone could need for most, yet not exactly awesome around.

The genuine strength, other than the plan, is the Zeiss-marked triple camera: a gimbal-balanced out a primary focal point, ultrawide, and 2x zoom picture focal point. They’re sufficient to make this one of the most amazing camera telephones around this year.

The main genuine disadvantages here are the absence of remote charging and waterproofing – however on the off chance that you will not miss them, the X60 Pro is an incredible decision, and hands-down Vivo’s best in the West.

vivo x51

2. Vivo X51 – Second-Best in the West

Vivo X51
Vivo X51

Vivo’s first evident contribution in Quite a while was the Vivo X51 it’s as yet an incredible decision for some – regardless of whether it’s basically just a re-marked interpretation of the Asian X50 Pro.

Its fundamental snare is a gimbal-balanced out a primary camera and a skillful 5G-competent Snapdragon 765G chipset. For more details, you can check out our full review of the Vivo X70 Pro.

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Contest in this exceptional mid-range space is especially hot, and the cost is the main downside, making this gadget great provided that you can discover it at a rebate – which shouldn’t be too hard now that it’s the kid.

3. Vivo X60 Pro+ – Best Camera

Vivo X60 P
Vivo X60 P

The calfskin covered X60 Pro+ is Vivo’s most impressive telephone this moment, however, sadly it’s just accessible in China and India – so purchasers somewhere else should import.

This is a photography leader, flaunting a camera spec that wouldn’t be awkward in an Ultra-class telephone from different brands: a 50Mp principle focal point, 48Mp gimbal-settled ultrawide, 32Mp 2x zoom, and 8Mp 5x periscope.

You get all of that for significantly short of what you may somewhere else, yet simply because Vivo has skipped extravagances like remote charging, an IP rating, or sound system speakers – however interior specs are first-rate, with the Snapdragon 888 at its heart.

Remember that while the Chinese adaptation of the telephone runs Vivo’s new Origin OS, the Indian model rather runs the organization’s more seasoned Funtouch OS programming.

4. Vivo V20 – Best for Selfies

Vivo V20
Vivo V20

The more unobtrusive Vivo V20 actually dominates in regions like a delightful, dainty plan that is lightweight and feels pleasant in the hand.

Its back cameras aren’t so cultivated as those found in the pricier X reach yet the 44Mp forward-looking camera is a noteworthy consideration all its own – which means it’s great for the TikTok age.

You might discover choices with better specs yet you’ll struggle to discover a telephone that looks this sharp and conveys to the V20’s particular crowd just as this telephone does, without spending significantly more.

The V20 is accessible across Asia, however European and US purchasers should import it. You may likewise need to consider the later Vivo V21, which we haven’t checked on yet.

5. Vivo Y20s – Best on a Budget

Vivo Y20s
Vivo Y20s

The Y20s is another telephone that is formally at a bargain in the UK, and it’s perhaps the least expensive telephone on the lookout.

Specs are naturally fundamental, yet stripped-back programming assists execution with remaining generally smooth, and the low-power specs yield a multi-day battery life – the best we’ve tried at any point ever.

Other spending plan telephones might offer more grounded specs or a higher goal show, however by nailing battery life and usability the Y20s presents a solid defense for itself.



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