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TikTok Logo PNG/SVG Download, Meaning, And Evolution

The TikTok logo has changed 3 times. There have been minor changes in the TikTok logo.

However, first, we will talk about the meaning of the TikTok logo. The logo is basically a “d” shaped into a musical note with a glitch effect. The main purpose of TikTok was to spread joy to its creators and fans, therefore the logo was designed accordingly.

According to TikTok, the designer wanted the logo to look like a theater, therefore black background was chosen to portray the creators as performers in a Theater. The designer created the logo and used the electronic wave effect, which provided a 3d glitch, and choose the best logo from different versions. Comment whether the designer was able to represent joy in this logo. For More information about the meaning of the TikTok logo, Click Here.

This is the first version TikTok Logo.

TikTok Logo

This version of the logo is used as the favicon on their website and it is also being used as iOS and android app icons. This logo is being used from the start and nothing has been changed in it. However, there have been some changes in the complete logo.

This version of the logo basically added “TikTok” text at the end of the complete logo. However, the TikTok text did not have any glitches at the time. You can see it below:

TikTok Logo 2017-2019

This version of the logo remained for 2 years from 2017 to 2019. However, it did not match the color scheme and was not able to represent the joy, and talent of the creators. Therefore, a new version of the logo was created.

This is the final full version of the logo.

TikTok Latest Logo

The latest version of the logo added a 3d glitch on the letter “o” in the text “TikTok”. Comment below if you think that this version was able to capture the vision of the purpose of TikTok, and if you want some changes in the logo.

Color Codes and Font

The TikTok Logo comprises #000000 (Black), #FFFFFF (White), #FE2C55 (Red Pink), #25F4EE (Bright Light Blue). The logo’s text uses Futura Maxi Bold, and the Letter “T” uses a separate font (Conference Regular). Using these colors and fonts you can recreate the TikTok logo or you can make a copy of the TikTok logo for your website or app.

TikTok Logo Color Codes
Color Codes To TikTok was a Chinese social media service that allowed its users to share lip-synced videos. In 2016 it had 90 million users and started getting more famous day by day by 2017 the app acquired nearly 200 million users. However, TikTok’s parent company bought it for 1 billion USD (United States Dollar). It was merged with TikTok and the new app’s name was also TikTok. This merger helped TikTok get more audience, all the previous accounts remained in TikTok. You can learn more about from Wikipedia. The logo of is provided below. logo

There are two versions of the logo. One is has a black background and the other has a white background. The black background version’s text is white, whereas the white background version’s text is black. This is because of the dark and light theme. The dark theme uses a black background version and the light theme uses a white background version. All of these previous versions of the TikTok logo had both black and white versions.

Note: We are not claiming that we are the owners of this logo. All the logos fall under public domain.

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