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Top 10 Informative Tech Blogs in Pakistan

Technology is all around us, from your front doorbell to your smart TV, to the cash register at your local store, to your Gameboy.However, in the modern era in which we live, technology is continuously growing, making it challenging to keep up with the latest and most significant launches where our tech gurus come in, keeping us informed of all that is occurring in the world of technology.

 These blogs and websites provide a diverse range of information, downloads, and assets, all of which have one thing in common: they all contribute to the most recent Technology Updates. For this reason, we have listed the best Pakistani technology blogs for you to follow.

1- ProPakistani:

The website ProPakistani, established in 2008, has grown into a destination for producing exclusive technology-related material. Their primary focus is on the newest technologies, internet service providers (ISPs), industry news, and software.

If you’d want to keep up with their latest news, you can subscribe to their newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or their blog.

In their most recent blog post, they created a new section titled “Digital Pakistan,” They inform their readers about how to stay connected to the world during these COVID-19 times via apps that keep businesses running smoothly and stress levels low.

2- TechMag:

TechMag is a Pakistani-only online IT and telecommunications magazine. TechMag covers emerging enterprises and the latest innovation, with a particular emphasis on business visionaries and pioneers and prominent technologists, among others.

As a result, all of their efforts have been focused on providing the people of Pakistan with statistical data that illustrates just how rapidly both Pakistan’s mechanical industry and the inventive global industry have grown.

They are always up to date on the latest mobile and software releases and the latest gadgets and gizmos that are in demand.

3- Pakwired

The establishment of PakWired in 2014 was the brainchild of Hasan Saleem, a Pakistani serial entrepreneur who is also a known leader in the online business sector after launching multiple successful enterprises. Hasan Saleem is the founder and CEO of PakWired.

You are providing tips and tricks on how to use your latest gadgets to freelancing 101. From the best remote working tools to everyday tech how-to’s, PakWired is a one-stop-shop for all things technology.

Their mission is to educate and connect people from all over the world who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit to assist them in making better business decisions.

4- Bepakistani:


Be pakistani has established itself as Pakistan’s leading innovative media arena. It is dedicated to profiling and promoting Pakistani new businesses, bitcoin, the newest developing technologies, and the most up-to-date cellphone pricing. 

BePakistani.Pk has become one of the most popular blogs in Pakistan because they cover news about start-ups, entrepreneurship, and technology and because they have a global audience.

5- Daily Pakistan:

Daily Pakistan is a newspaper publishing website that keeps you abreast of both local and global affairs. They also publish stories about Pakistan’s undiscovered treasures and natural splendor.

6- Inside Paktech:

Since its debut in 2011, Paktech Insider has built a reputation for providing complete and original information on various topics, including technology, local telecommunications, education, fashion, and entertainment/sports, among others. This site has become the most trusted source of 7th Category News.

7- The Patriot:

Sardar Khan Niazi is the company’s president and publisher. They publish daily e-papers that cover a wide range of issues in national and international news.

8- Shafaqna:

Shafaqna is a global news organization that specializes in providing news spanning virtually any subject imaginable. It was founded in 2012 and published articles in five distinct languages: English, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, and Turkish. In addition, its contents are available in five different languages.

9- Social media buzz:

In addition to working with businesses of all sizes to establish and manage their social media accounts, Trending in Social is a social media firm specializing in dealing with businesses of all sizes. They specialize in social media marketing, management, training, and research.

10- Phone world:

Phone World is a website that primarily focuses on the IT and telecommunications industries. Their goal is to play a critical role in developing the country’s socioeconomic and collective growth in this age of mobile technology, connecting people for collective progress and socioeconomic development.

 As e-commerce continues to flourish and spread throughout Pakistan, the number of blogs devoted to fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, technology, and other topics has increased significantly.

As a result, whether you’re a computer geek, an aspiring technopreneur, or even a student studying technology, these blogs will undoubtedly assist you in covering every potential subject in technology and providing you with the correct information that will help you develop into a technology expert.



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