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Top 5 Sports around the World for Olympics Games

Evolution History of Olympics Games is Great because it has been taking place since 1896. The Man responsible for the Olympic games was a French Man His name was Baron Pierre de Coubertin. The evolution of the Olympics games has been updating from time to time.

Birthplace of Olympics Games 

Olympics games firstly were held in Athens City in 1896. At that time 280 participants from 12 countries took part in the Olympics where they have to compete in Different 43 Events belonging to five continents of the world mentioned with the Olympics Logo. there are five Rings on the Olympic wall which represent the five continents of the World.

In this image, five continents are there in Olympics Ring

  1. Europe
  2. Africa
  3. Asia
  4. The Americas
  5. Oceania

In this blog, we will Brief you on the top ten Sports to be Played in Olympics

  1. Gymnastics- when it comes to Control and Flexibility the Most Favorite sport in the Olympics games is Gymnastics. This is part of the most awaited game of the Olympics. In these sports, Participants have to show their Endurance and Streighns of the body.

Types of the Gymnastics

  1. Artistic Gymnastic- In this Sport Man and Woman both can Participate. Participants have to show their skill through Provided Apparatus.
  2. Rhythmic Gymnastic- In this Sports Participants could be women this sport, women can use different Apparatuses like Ribbon, ball, or hoop in order to perform acrobatic Moves. In this Music is involved to make the Performance Beautiful.
  1. Trampoline Gymnastics is also a Part of Gymnastic – in this category A webbed sheet is supported with springs in a metal frame is used to do Acrobatic Moves. Although it has been for a long time in Olympics but did not get too much attention.

2.Swimming- Swimming is the Most Awaited Sports seen to be in Olympics. In these Sports, both males and Female Can Participate . These Sports include Specified Strokes for participating

Which involves different styles like Backstroke, butterfly, freestyle, and breaststroke. in this Sports swimmers have to swim by competing with each other for a fixed Distance. There is separate Freestyle Events also there which does not Include Specfied Strokes. Swimmer Could himself Select their styles.

3.Atletics( Track & Field)- When it comes to Running on the Track the most recognizable Sport is Athletics. So many Events are there 100m,200M,4*400M.For Particepation One should have Balance with Speed and the Body. A simple concept is there who will Cross the Line First and win the Gold.If its comes to Celebrity Usain Bold Name is there who have world Record in this category.

4.Weightlifting-The agenda for this game is simple you have to lift more weight than your competitor.A specific word is to be used while doing Weightlifting and that is Snatrch which means you have to lift the Weight bar above from your head in one Attempts.

5.Wrestling-when it comes  to Wrestling this is the only Sport that is always recognized by the Technique, Endurance,Power and Straightens of the person Participating in this sports. India Always Supported these Supports so much.

In this article, we have Mentioned the Top 5 Sports to be held in The Olympics. Digital Search Club is the Main website for Latest Updates on Sports, Health, Shopping, and Entertainment. kindly visit our URL page for more information



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