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Poll: What is Vaccine Passport & Why Are There Enormous Protests Against it? 4 Major Points

Vaccine passport is a new term. Almost for 3 years, covid has made our lives vulnerable and slow. People want to get rid of it and want to return to normal life, the situation becomes more complex and complicated when it comes to travel which is indeed an essential part of life.

Should Vaccine Passport be Mandatory?

Many countries are planning to make it mandatory one will not be able to go to a nightclub or into a public gathering or festival without this document. But there are big protests around the world against this special permit.

1. What are Vaccine Passports or Certificates?

Digital Vaccine Passports or Certificates
Digital Vaccine Passports or Certificates

This passport could be a certificate, paper, or digital document, containing personal health information. in some countries, it will be mandatory for everyone or the majority of people to show the certificate in exchange for goods, services, or access to some venues. Therefore, these passports, particularly digital ones, have raised privacy and discrimination concerns.

2. What are privacy concerns of people?

privacy concerns of people
Privacy concerns of people

Canada and England still have not adopted any kind of vaccine passport program. Candian government has concerns for international travelers and the health secretary of the United Kingdom was being asked about the plans to introduce these new passports for access into nightclubs and large events in England, he replied that England has no plan for the sake of it.

Will Vaccine Passport Effect Our Privacy?

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Canada has conducted a countrywide Survey in May 2021, and 61% of Canadians agreed that vaccine passports should be required for public gatherings, sporting events, restaurants, and businesses.

3. Vaccine Passports and Discrimination

The USA has ruled out the federal vaccine passports in the first week of April 2021 and stated that citizens’ privacy and rights should be protected. There was a heated debate in the USA that the biggest issue with these passports is whether they’d discriminate against the poor and minorities, who are hindered in getting vaccinations. Many states have also made it mandatory because it’s a question of human rights.

Will the Vaccine Passport be Used as a Discrimination Tool?

4. Will All Vaccines be Treated Equally under a Passport Scheme?

Will All Vaccines be Treated Equally under a Passport Scheme?
Will All Vaccines be Treated Equally under a Passport Scheme?

This is the most complex and millions of time asked question about different covid-19 vaccines. Although all available jabs are approved by WHO but that’s not enough because vaccination passport is a national concept it’s not international.

Do You think that all Vaccines Should be Treated Equally?

At the international level, things are highly politicized as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and the Philippines have expressed concerns over the approval granted to Chinese vaccinations and their efficiency. In the second week of May 2021, China has allowed U.S. vaccinations in the travel process. There are many online visa guides that find you out whether your destination country accepts your covid vaccine as valid for travel.



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