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WC Vanity Units: All You Need to Know About


If you desire a modern bathroom that’s highly versatile with the furniture and looks elegant, then you must consider a WC vanity unit for your bathroom. It will bring in so much practicality and give your bathroom a neat and tidy outlook. You must be wondering what a WCs unit is? Continue reading this article that will educate you on everything related to a WC unit.

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What Is A WC Vanity Unit?

The WC Vanity Units is a furniture unit or a vanity-style back that hides its cistern of the toilet. This not only makes the cistern more useful but also makes the toilet unit much neater and satisfying. They perfectly blend with the furniture and makes the bathroom much more welcoming.

You can choose from several WC units, which includes:

  • Standard WC Unit: a modern design in a traditional toilet style makes up a standard WC unit. It’s simple, practical and nice. Standard WC units are the most affordable in its category too.
  • Slimline WC Unit: the slimline WC units, as per their name, are highly efficient in terms of space. Their slim design makes them less intrusive on space and suitable for compact bathrooms.
  • Combination WC Unit and Basin: This is the most practical and fully loaded type of WC unit. It includes a basin on the top of its vanity and some additional cabinets for storage purposes. You get everything in a single unit by choosing the combination WC unit.

What do you need to Know About WC Vanity Units?

The WC units are becoming the trendiest toilet units because of their unique offerings. Their space-saving design pulls the space-conscious people like a magnet. Especially when space Is becoming a major concern for people presently, some of the WC units even offer a dual flush system that promotes water-saving technology and makes them more environmentally friendly.

What Will You Get with WC Vanity Units?

After you go for the WC Vanity Units, you will get a toilet, cistern, and a vanity-shaped cover. All of them will combine to make up one WC unit. The supplies will also include a flushing system, a lever for traditional options, and a modern flushing button for fancy and costly options.

Some supplies might also include a seat and plumbing kit, but that is not necessary. It all depends on the niceness of the shop owner. The combination WC unit will also include a sink installed on the top of its vanity.

Few Benefits of WC Units

Your decision to buy a WC unit will bring in various benefits it. Some of them are:

  • Practicality

The WC units are designed to keep the whole toilet unit much more useful than the transition toilets. The vanity-shaped back provides a considerable amount of space to be used as a shelve.

You can place toiletries of essential that you want to keep in range for rapid use. It can be a suitable space for placing some nice decoration stuff too. Overall, it’s a normal shelve that you can use according to your preference.

  • Elegance

A WC unit never comes in an ugly outlook. It’s an addition to the modern and appealing bathrooms. The rectangular design always projects a contemporary outlook of the bathroom. Furthermore, its style perfectly blends with the bathroom’s furniture.

The overall design makes these units highly versatile for any bathroom, especially for the contemporary ones. These units are a unique example of modern art and engineering that introduce more effective and efficient designs into the modern world. Your bathroom gets a modern outlook that attracts every guest as they see a new idea in your bathroom

  • Space-saving design

Space is a critical point when building a new bathroom. You must choose the sanitary items wisely. The essential sanitary items could eat up the premium space. But the problem is solved with these toilet units. The WC units are less intrusive on space. Their compact design ensures suitability for bathrooms with any dimensions.

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If you go for the combination WC unit, you get a full package of bathroom essentials, all installed as a single unit. In this way, plenty of the bathroom space is saved. Having the combinations of WC units, you don’t need to place free-standing cabinets separately. So, it’s the best choice for small and medium-sized bathrooms.

  • Neater Look. 

The main purpose of the WCs is to conceal the cistern and plumbing while creating a neater look. Not only it makes your toilet look modern, but it also has minimal impact on the bathroom. Whenever you plan for something different from the close-coupled toilet, then back to wall toilet can be your best option.

WC Vanity Units Can Be a Great Choice for Your Bathroom 

In this article, we have provided you with all the information you need for choosing the WC Vanity Units. The information provided above will be helpful in creating the look and functionality you want in the bathroom. At Turin Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have all types of fittings available at reasonable prices. 



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