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Best Merchant Service Providers for International E-Commerce

What is an Ecommerce Merchant?

The word “merchant” is used in the eCommerce business, but what does it mean. There are many answers, which is a pleasant surprise.

1. A web-based store.

In the most basic definition, a merchant is someone who sells products and services for a profit. Congratulations, you’re now a merchant!

2. A payment processor is a merchant account.

You’ve struck the jackpot if you had to put money down on what we’re talking about today! An “e-commerce merchant account” is a kind of account that allows e-commerce companies to accept payments online.

What are the Benefits of Having an Ecommerce Merchant Account?

You already know that digital payments are critical to your company’s success. You’ll be able to safely handle the payments your consumers send on your website if you operate with an e-commerce merchant account.

1.  Payments that are encrypted.

I don’t believe I can emphasize that strongly enough. The good news is that most online merchant accounts provide encrypted payment processing. It ensures that both you and your clients are secure while doing business. Make sure the e-commerce merchant account you’re considering can handle encrypted payments while you’re doing your investigation.

2.  Point-of-sale systems.

Are you a multi-channel shop that sells both online and off? You’re probably wondering how such an e-commerce merchant account for your POS system involves. Fortunately, specific zadvantage of allowing for more efficient inventory management.

3.   Software that is simple to use.

Your e-commerce merchant accounts should have easy-to-use software, much like the experience you provide your consumers.It includes the ability to monitor payments, issue refunds, and see data from a single, simple dashboard.

4.  A simplified payment process.

Making procedures and experiences as easy as possible is the key to online success for both you and your consumers. It will not only help you become efficient, but it will also provide your consumers with a good impression of your company.

How We Selected the Most Effective International Merchant Accounts

We’ve looked at dozens of small company merchant services, many of which operate internationally. We looked at the top 12 options, examining their features, price, and payment methods. We also considered user feedback and reputation. Finally, we searched for companies that catered to niche markets, such as Durango. Our top seven picks for the best foreign merchant accounts are below.

As the most refined international payment processor, we selected Stripe. It can handle over 100 currencies and is very versatile, integrating it into almost any payment platform. It requires more technical expertise than the others on the list, but it is the best for selling internationally.

It is square.

Customers at many brick-and-mortar shops are familiar with Square. You may gain from getting a connected POS system with just this merchant natively integrated with BigCommerce. Furthermore, there are no monthly fees.

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The payment system accepts all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, debit cards, gift cards, and prepaid cards. They also make deposits from company sales the next business day, instead of the 2–6 days required by several other POS systems.

Square also conforms with the PCI DSS to keep your company safe.

“The inventory sync and catalog import features in Square POS are what needed. Other systems may take up to 24 hours to update inventory, while BigCommerce does it immediately.” — Drink Dispatch’s Alexander Head.

•     Stripe is number two.

Stripe allows credit and debit cards, Google Wallet, Mobile Payments, Self-concept and self, and international transactions.

In terms of safety, Stripe is also PCI compliant. It means the finance industry has verified it as possessing the highest level of security. Make sure you’re ready to accept credit card payments with ease.

•     Adyen is number three.

Adyen may be a good fit if you’re searching for a more straightforward payment option. The merchant accepts just credit and debit cards.

The payment platform can handle payments across many channels, including online, mobile, in-store, and transactions in more than 200 countries and territories.

Over 250 local payment methods and 150 currencies are supported by Adyen. is the fourth option. provides direct access to card brand networks, which increases response times and minimizes data security issues.

You’ll also be able to make international payments from customers all around the world. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, or Australia are the only nations your business may be based.

Like other e-commerce companies, makes it easy for customers to pay using their chosen method. It includes all major credit cards, signature debit cards, e-checks, and digital payment options.

Sophisticated fraud detection and secure client data storage keep you safe when it comes to security. It is included in every subscription.


Helcim processes foreign payments for retailers in the United States and Canada. Customers are charged in your currency, and you are pay in your money, with no conversions. Ensures that you always receive the same thing, regardless of currency rates. For credit card transactions, it charges interchange plus fees. Our ranking of the top retail credit card processors and merchant services included Helcim.

Helcim won a spot on our list because of its outstanding customer service and interchange-plus pricing. It loses points for not supporting several currencies, as Stripe does, or for not processing ACH or e-checks, as the other payment processors on our list do. It can, however, handle level 2 data (and level 3 in the US). It received a 3.68 out of 5 rating from us.

Helcim and Durango only offer Interchange-plus pricing. Unless they function only as a payment gateway for another merchant account, the other payment processors on our list have flat fees. Exchange-plus rates may be much less expensive, particularly for high-volume businesses. Even better, unlike many interchange-plus payment processors, Helcim does not charge a monthly fee.


Durango is an option to explore if you’re a high-risk merchant selling internationally. Durango comes highly recommended by other international payment processing businesses because it provides outstanding fraud assistance, access to numerous accounts, and multicurrency processing, allowing you to accept payments across borders when other companies may not be able to help. It’s one of the most acceptable high-risk merchant accounts on our list.

Durango rated lower than other payment processors on our list, with a 3.65 on our assessment criteria. However, some of the penalties it received were for standard practices in high-risk sectors, such as monthly fees. It sometimes needs a contract, which reduces its score. They were penalized for not having Level 2 and 3 B2B processing. Despite this, it received excellent marks in all categories, including the highest score for features.

•     Batch processing:

Durango’s batch processing allows you to process several transactions at once, which is ideal for merchants that have various billings, such as subscriptions and memberships, in addition to goods. Stripe allows you to set up batching for certain payments.

•     Dedicated 24/7 assistance:

Only a handful of the services on our list provide 24/7 help, and even then, it’s on a first-come-first-served basis. Durango not only provides 24/7 assistance but also assigns you a personal account manager.

•     Multicurrency processing:

Durango, like Stripe, displays your customers the price in their currency before converting it to your currency using the current exchange rate. Multicurrency processing supports USD, CAN, AUS, UK pounds, euros, yen, and other currencies.


Payments are an essential part of every business’s success, whether a bit of shop or a big store.

Avoid high-risk payment options and, instead, look for a service provider that can help you with your present and future company needs.

Take your shopping cart a step beyond e-commerce Credit Card Processing by including contemporary, flexible payment options in your shopping cart, making online transactions simple for both you and your consumers.



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