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What Should I Do If I Misplace My Fire TV Stick Remote?

Connecting devices is a breeze with the Alexa Fire TV controller. However, due to its little stature, it is not impossible to misplace. You can’t use the remote to view your favourite episodes and movies on Fire TV. Fortunately, you can still use the Fire TV Stick TV even if you don’t have a remote. If you try out these tricks, you won’t need a remote at all. You can now easily find firestick remote with this guide.

Having misplaced your FireStick’s remote and not knowing what to do next?

The Amazon App for Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV app may be installed on your mobile device as a first step. Using this software, your smartphone can replace the Fire TV’s remote control. It’s free to get and can be downloaded on any Android or iOS smartphone. Following these instructions, you may begin utilising the Amazon Fire TV app.

1 Go to either the Google Play or Apple App Store and search for the app.

The second step is to get the app onto your gadget.

Proceed to Step 3 and log in using your Amazon credentials.

In the fourth and last step, your mobile device will pick up on the TV. The TV screen will display a 4-digit code; you’ll need to enter that code into your smartphone.

The software necessitates a shared network between your smartphone and Fire TV. Because the app’s interface mimics that of the Fire TV controller, you’ll have complete command over everything.

Amazon Fire TV app when no Wi-Fi is available.

You may wish to utilise the app when you are away from home. It’s simple to do so by establishing a WiFi hotspot. However, you’ll need two cellphones for this technique. You’ll use one of the phones to set up WiFi, and the other to access it using the app. This is how you may adjust the parameters that are required.

Create a WiFi hotspot by heading to your phone’s settings first.

Next, select Network from the WiFi menu.

Third, choose “hotspot and Tethering.”

In the fourth step, choose the option labelled “WiFi Hotspot.”

Fifth, give the hotspot the same network name as the one previously used by your Fire TV. If you want to keep using the same password you had on the old network, you’ll need to do that, too.

Sixth, power up the TV and WiFi hotspot. Connecting your TV to the new Wi-Fi network is now automatic.

connect the second phone to the same WiFi network as the first one, and then install the Amazon Fire TV app.

Eighth, go to Amazon’s login page and enter your information.

Connecting it to your TV is as simple as pressing a button.

Use Alexa to Control Your Fire TV From Anywhere

The Fire TV may be managed with the help of any Alexa-enabled device. Simply saying “Alexa, play A on my Fire TV” will do the trick. To put it simply, Alexa will do everything you want it to do. However, both your Alexa-enabled speaker and Fire TV need to be connected to the same WiFi network for this to function.

Use the TV’s control pad

You may find it amusing to learn that your regular TV remote may also be used to operate the Fire TV Stick. However, only TVs with the HDMI-CEC functionality may use this function. This function allows for simultaneous HDMI device connections, facilitating simple and quick data exchange across all connected devices.

A command is transmitted over the HDMI-CEC protocol when you push the TV remote. Once again, you will be limited in what you can do with your regular TV remote because it does not support all the functionalities.

Make Use Of A Computer’s Mouse And Keyboard

All three approaches call for WiFi, a second smartphone, and a TV remote. If none of these options work for you, you may always rely on your computer’s keyboard and mouse. Lucky for you, the Fire TV supports both wired and wireless mice and keyboards. Using a keyboard and mouse as a Fire TV remote requires a micro USB splitter, as Fire TV Sticks only have a single micro USB connector.

Get a New Remote

Unless you wish to use a different device, you’ll need a functional Fire TV remote. Fire TV devices are compatible with the original Alexa Voice Remote. The remote works with a wide variety of devices and doesn’t break the bank. Some alternatives can be found for less money.


If you have a Fire TV Stick, you may use its remote to access the Fire TV interface. If you ever find yourself without a Fire TV remote, don’t fret; just use one of the aforementioned workarounds. The programme makes it possible to function in the same way as the original remote. It’s something you can do even while you’re not at home. You may also use a TV remote control or a computer keyboard and mouse. At long last, you have the option of replacing the remote with a brand new one.

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