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Who is the Traitor? Jan. 6 Riots: “Justice for J6” Is There A Secret Agenda

Who is Traitor?

Jan. 6 Roits are again trumpeting on B♭-pitch trumpet and the word “Traitor” is being used for “witch hunt”.

Jan 6 protest

18 September is decided as the day for the rally against the “inhumane” treatment of suspected Jan. 6 rioters.

Is it Ok to Call An American A Traitor?

Hashtag #TraitorCawthorn is in trending on Twitter with this video shared by a handle named Really American which has been viral. The pro-Democrat content states:

Madison Cawthorn trending as Traitor
Madison Cawthorn

After helping instigate the January 6th insurrection, Madison Cawthorn is doubling down on the 2020 election lie and is threatening civil war if Democrats keep winning elections. RT if you think #TraitorCawthorn must be removed from Congress.


Samuel Williams a verified Twitter account with a bio “Retired US Army SFC and Combat Veteran of Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. 100% Disabled Veteran, 2022 Candidate for TX 16 CD, #AmericaFirst” reacted against the hashtag #TraitorCawthorn with #TraitorPelosi and #TraitorMille The Disabled Veteran, 2022 Candidate for TX 16 CD replies furiously: “The left has the hashtag #Traitorcawthorn trending. It is time we get the #TraitorPelosi trending in response she was conspiring with #TraitorMilley to undermind a sitting Presidents authority

Look Ahead America Rally

On the Other hand Look, Ahead America has become controversial, even serious Republicans are distancing themselves from this campaign.

The group is organizing the rally and also going to hold events at 13 other state capitols on Saturday. Currently, the permit says 700 people are expected at the rally in D.C.

Also Read:

Matt Braynard the executive director of Look Ahead America explains his motives in a thread.

Do You Understand The Purpose of “Look Ahead America”?

As with the dozen other events we have already held including the two we previously had in the district of Columbia, #JusticeforJ6 is a 100% peaceful event in support of the nonviolent offenders from January 6th who have been charged.

But the supporters of Trump are not the fan of Look Ahead America and showing their mistrust on the move



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