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Why Are Pakistani Movies Flopping on the Box Office

This is the Year 2022 and the industry is facing both the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Fruit of their Rigidness.

The reasons I believe which are causing this huge Failure and loss to the Producers and the Lollywood film Industry are

COVID-19 and Its effect on people

During the years 2020-2021, Covid had Pakistan pretty bad and the number of cases and deaths alarmed the Pakistanis to avoid public places.

Only people from the Upper Middle class and Elite class go to Cinemas regularly but after the pandemic, they have gotten lazier and they prefer home theatres and OTT platforms that’s why Netflix and Prime Video are booming in South East Asia.

The question I want to ask Fahad Mustafa or any other Pakistan Film Industry member is why would anyone give away their Rs.1200 to watch your movie if they are getting better content and experience on an OTT platform in just Rs 120?

Plain and Stereotype Stories

As Bollywood is getting out of the “Hero” movies, Lollywood is diving into that culture. Stories with overly glorified heroes with a copied plot and copied Comic scenes and unrealistic dialogues.

The movies have loaded dialogues which the current Generation cannot stand or watch. Writers need to get out of the stereotypes and create something new. Sang-e-Mah a new Drama serial starring Nauman Ijaz and Atif Aslam can be considered a new concept as they get out of the Saas Bahu dilemma, though its dialogues are a bit loaded the concept is better. There were some old PTV era dramas and writers who broke stereotypes but the audience was not ready to back then due to the growth of OTT platforms we can say that audience has evolved and the Industry should too.

Youth Attraction Towards Hollywood and Western Shows

As the Netflix and Chill culture is taking over the East, the Audience is getting exposed to better and more diverse Western content and shows concepts that Pakistani Filmmakers are afraid to show. Only these elements are found in Pakistani dramas and the film industry, the Tribal system, the army is Wonderful, Saas-Bahu and often “Shaddi Nahi Horahi”.

Western cinema has a better storyline, bigger budget, diversity, and No obligation to add religion forcibly to the plot, even the Indian cinema has evolved to OTT level shows like Mirzapur, Sacred Games, The Family Man, Patal Lok and many more still the industry is stuck to their stereotypes. There is one misconception that I want to clear for the Indian Filmmakers that In Pakistan Not everyone wears a religious cap or performs Adaab, In Pakistan we shake hands and often hug or nod as a greeting.

Discouragement For New Talent

In Pakistan only a few families allow their children to pursue Art otherwise it’s either a Doctor or become an Engineer. It’s frustrating for people with Talents. No proper reality shows for people to get recognized, A talent show judge scolds a girl for performing Dance at Pakistan’s only so-called talent show. Otherwise, it’s just abuse in the name of the talent show.

Industry Giants who are actors only produce their own movies so a very little chance for newcomers.

What Can They Do to Get their Industry Back on Track

Firstly, They should improve the quality of scripts and add diversity, new concepts, method acting, and a unique storyline.

Encourage new talent and audition for movie roles

Approach OTT platforms to air their content, this will make their money and reputation as well.

And Please stop selling religion. Selling religion instead of using real content is unethical. They say one religious quote and then perform exactly the opposite. (Hypocrisy is noticed by the audience and they resent you for it)

Author: Asees Mehtab

the above passage is just an opinion it’s meant to highlight for betterment.



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