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Why .com domain is the best choice for your startup website?

If this is your first domain name, you’re probably wondering, “Is the .com domain the best choice for your startup website?”The short answer is that a cheap .com domain name is globally recognized. Therefore, it gives an advantage over other domain names.

But that isn’t the only consideration when looking for a .com domain name. So first, let’s look at whether a cheap .com domain registration is worthy or not.

What is a .com domain name?

To get a .com domain registration, you may have some questions about the .com domain and other domain extensions.

One of your concerns is probably “what is a domain extension anyway?” Simply t, a domain extension is the part of a domain name that comes after the dot. A top-level domain, or TLD, is the full title for a domain extension.

The .com domain is one of the hundreds of TLDs available today.

You can learn more about other domains by clicking here. But, since we’re going to concentrate on practical applications of the .com TLD in this post, let’s start with the benefits of a cheap .com domain.

The Benefits of a .com Domain as the best choice for your startup website

  • Widely recognized – Because most people recognize the cheap .com domain, it lends credibility to your website.
  • It does not tie a website to a specific location – If you want to do business in more than one location, the cheap .com domain registration gives you the advantage to work in most markets.
  • Simple to remember – People are likely to memorize your website’s address if it ends with .com rather than the latest, longer TLD because it is short and well-known.

That may not appear to be a long list of benefits, and it is true that in many cases, a different domain extension will function just as well as a .com domain.

For instance, there is no inherent  SEO benefit to cheap .com domain registration.

There is also a considerable disadvantage to choosing a .com domain, which is its popularity. You might discover that the domain name you want to buy is unavailable. In such a case, you may need to switch to a different domain extension to obtain the desired domain name.

Why .com domain is the best choice for your startup website?

1. You wish people to know you’re serious about your startup.

You only have one great opportunity to make a first impression, so a high-valued .com domain is the best choice for your startup website. It increases the probability of engagement while also bringing competence, durability, and confidence, both online and offline. Adding tremendous TLDs, such as a cheap .com domain, provides credibility. Also, it overcomes the initial obstacles that cause so many startups to fail.

2. Using a .com is the most credible way for your startup website.

Your startup website’s online presence is critical to its success. Exact-match TLDs assist you in being found by search engines rather than someone else. It means that someone searching for your good or service, type the keyword into their google search console( Why is that beneficial to you? First, you will reap the benefits of “direct navigation” without spending a single penny marketing your site. Second, people are already looking for your company and will be delighted to find you right away. Third, it is the best type of traffic you can get. Also,  you won’t need to promote it to become a household name because it is already there.

3. When your consumers find your brand online, they will look for a .com domain.

Because of its long history,.com is the most unforgettable domain. It is the most well-known among the general public. Most people never consider using a .org, .net, or other domain extensions. Becausethe .com domain is the default extension, most browsers will auto-fill it. A .com is simple to remember.

People are accustomed to to access most of their favorite websites, so they may have difficulty remembering other TLDs. Be aware that most people will abandon their search for your brand’s website very quickly — don’t let them.

4. A .com domain will be the best choice for your businesses to register.

When used correctly, a cheap domain name incorporates:

Brand signals — Any mention or appearance of your company’s domain name on a startup website will help your branding efforts.

Relevancy signals — If your domain contains a keyword, you will highlight it in SERPs. When people refer to your domain, your site will be associated with that keyword.

Customers will not get lost in other SEO and PPC results in search engines if they know your domain name ahead of time. It can also boost your odds of appearing at the top of search engine results.

Advantages of registering your .com domain with the best domain registrar

When you register a .com domain with the best domain registrar like Navicosoft, you’ll also get a slew of other benefits. And, if you want to provide your customers with enhanced encryption and security, you can try a Navicosoft SSL certificate for free during the first year of any new domain name registration.

In addition to cheap .com domain registration, you’ll get excellent 24/7 customer support and dependable DNS service.

So, what are you waiting for? The domain sale is currently underway — secure the best choice for your startup website today before it’s too late!

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