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Will We Ever Run Out Of Data Storage?


On Earth about 500 million tweets are sent everyday, about 500 hours of content is uploaded of YouTube every minute, 4000 gigabyte of data is uploaded on Facebook everyday.

 In 2018, total amount of data being consumed in world was 33 zettabyte. In 2020, it grew to 59 zettabyte. It is estimated that it will grow to 175 zettabyte by 2025. Scientists have predicted that world data storage will run out in 181 years even if data is stored in atom of earth. This means in future data storage is going to become a fossil fuel. Data centers is a building or a space to store data. Currently, world data centers store about 1327 exabyte of data and about 2.5 exabytes of data is produced daily. It is estimated there are 8.4 billion data centers worldwide. Google, Amazon and Facebook maintain big data centers. On last official count, Google had 23 data centers and Facebook has about 15 data centers. Cloud data providers opened about 15 million sq ft of data center space in 2020.Cloud providers like AWS, Google, and Microsoft led, with some 57 percent of the new capacity. In 2017, total worldwide data center power consumption was about 416 terrawatt which was roughly 3% of global power usage. As world data storage in increases Earth will run out off chip-grade silicon. However, scientists are working to create an alternative of silicon.



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