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Your Tech Guru | A project Of eBlogary

Your Tech Guru is a new Project of eBlogary for our tech review writers and technology based content.

What will be the Objective of Our Project?

Your Tech Guru is going to be a place where people can get solution to errors, can compare GPUs and processors before buying.

Bloggers, writers and Audience can contact us at to give suggestions about the content, topics that need to addressed.

What Genres would we be targeting?

Technology News

News related to Latest release of technological advancements such as updates on Elon Musk’s Neuralink, Microsoft Windows Updates, Latest Release of Mobile Phones, New smart phone features introduced in year 2022 and Technological Disasters.

Mobile Phones

Reviews and Comparisons between latest Android and iOS phones with Graphs and images. Camera test for lens quality and zoom power, battery timing comparisons, company comparisons, heat emission tests and advancements from previous models.


Computer and other technology fixes to make your life easier.

Latest gadget to make Consumers’ life easier and Reviews whether a person should buy them or not? Gadgets are an important part of our lives so an authentic review will help you enjoy gadgets more.


Graphic Design software details and usage tricks with detailed information for their supporting GPUs and processors. Tutorials to Use Graphics Design softwares and teach the ways to create a design.


Reviews on Pictures and Cameras, with tutorials on how to use them.


Reviews on latest Technological Trends and Disasters.



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