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YouTube Logo PNG Download, Meaning & Evolution

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, three former PayPal employees, founded YouTube, the world’s most popular video hosting service. Since 2005, the service has been available.


YouTube logo is one of the most aesthetically pleasing logos in the world. The red and white colors represent passion and entertainment. The play button represents the videos, as YouTube is the world’s most famous video-sharing platform.


YouTube Logo 2005-2011

Youtube first logo
Logo 2005-2011

The logo above was used, and it had the text “Broadcast Yourself” after “YouTube”. YouTube’s first logo, designed by YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley in 2005, used a modified version of Morris Fuller Benton’s 1903 typeface Alternate Gothic. The emblem was shiny and looked 3d with light spreading from the top-right corner.

YouTube Logo 2015-2017

YouTube logo 2015-2017
Logo 2015-2017

This is the logo from 2015 to 2017. This version of the logo was a bit darker, which was made it more serious. The logo started looking more 2d without any 3d effect, or lighting. For some it was a degradation, some thought it was much more decent. The “Broadcast Yourself” slogan was removed from the side. The color code of red in this logo was #ce1a19.

YouTube Logo 2017-Now

Logo 2017-Now

This is the current logo of YouTube with the play button emblem. The font of this logo is called YouTube Sans font. This version of the logo is brighter, which represents the entertainment, and passion of YouTube. The color code of red is #ff0000. The dark mode version of this logo just has white text instead of this dark grey color (#282828). The white color is pure white with #ffffff color code.

Favicon & App Icon

YouTube Icon & Favicon

YouTube Icon & Favicon has a light red color with a white play button. This icon is also the part of the main logo of YouTube with “YouTube” text at right.

Bonus Interesting Facts About YouTube

YouTube was bought by Google

Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion 14 years ago. That sum may seem ok as YouTube is now a video sharing giant, but for a startup that was just a year and a half old at the time, it was shocking. According to several industry watchers and competitors, Google paid too much. However, now you can see it was worth it.

Original Purpose of YouTube

Originally, YouTube was meant to be a place where anyone could publish whatever video content they wanted to share. That users would be able to use the site freely to upload, distribute, and view material. However, because of the copyright laws, the community guidelines and other important policies this is not possible.

Worth of YouTube

As told above, the YouTube was bought by Google for 1.65 billion usd. However, now it is worth whopping 160 billion USD. This shows that Google made a good investment. YouTube search engine is the second most used search engine after Google.

Monetized in 2007

YouTube was not monetized util it was bought by Google. It didn’t take long for Google, the world’s largest ad company, to begin monetizing YouTube. Just nine months after Google purchased the site, it aired its first commercial. At first the ads of YouTube were somewhat annoying (such as link ads that used to appear on screen). However, the ads evolved with time.

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